Maliki became prime minister for a single component and not for Iraq

Osama Jamil: Maliki became prime minister for a single component and not for Iraq

Date: 03/02/2013 12:35:14 Sunday

Erbil (news) .. Said MP / Kurdistan Islamic Union / Osama beautiful, that Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki became prime minister for a particular component, “Shia” and not to the Iraqi government.
Jameel said in a statement to the reporter (of the Agency news): The current situation of the country has made Maliki represents a slice of component Shiite and not all Shiites, explaining: that Maliki Prime Minister of the Shiites and not Iraq because the sons of the Sunni demonstrating in their areas and the Kurds are dissatisfied with it, though was representing Iraq to demonstrate the Sunni and Kurds make unhappy. (to him).

He added: that al-Maliki will continue his job until the end of the age of the government amid the volatile situation without being withdrawn trust him, he said, adding that his third term left for the upcoming elections and the Federal Court decision on the appeal in the law defining the mandates of the three presidencies.

The country has witnessed frequent and successive crises since the formation of the current government until now, and most recently the crisis arrest protection and Finance Minister Rafie al-Issawi, and get demonstrations staged by the western provinces, all of these things are factors that help an explosion of the situation in the country.
Also saw the city of Fallujah in the province of Anbar, clashes between demonstrators and members of the army, which claimed the lives of more than 60 dead and wounded. / End / 24.. /