Maliki bears heavily on: responsible for the collapse of Iraq and Iran responds to what you want

Osama al-Maliki bears heavily on: responsible for the collapse of Iraq and Iran responds to what you want

Published 21/04/2013 10:12 AM

Osama Najafi, head of the Iraqi parliamentBAGHDAD – “arenas of liberation”
waged by Osama Najafi, head of the Iraqi parliament in an interview with Dubai TV, a scathing attack on Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki, which carry the responsibility of “what is happening in Iraq from deteriorating security and political collapse and cracked a social and Mkoonati,” also included “denial” Nineveh and Anbar in the box sectarian approach followed by his government, warning of lifting and paper division of the country into regions soon.

Nujaifi said in an episode of (the Arab street with Accessories Yazigi) broadcasts in full on Sunday evening that demands to divide Iraq into regions will be present certainly at a time not so long ago If you do not address the problems of Baghdad after the election has not changed the political map, and added that the time of the Territories “comes if ways to cut off the partnership Baghdad continued to manage the current and the same policy in dealing with the governor. ”
Najafi denied the existence of any constitutional sanctity on delving into the issue of dividing Iraq into regions. And while stressing that Iraq is one country, in turn confirmed that the regions are constitutionally, pointing to the existence of the law had been initiated earlier select how they formed. He believed in the formation of regions outlet saved from “iron hand and authoritarianism,” which he said affects the rights of the provinces and citizens.
The Chairman of the Iraqi parliament that the country is witnessing an attempt to increase the central state and the neglect of the provinces with the looting of their powers and rights, despite what that implies a violation of the constitution, referring to the “The Constitution draw a shape of the Iraqi state as a federal state decentralization, and gave broad powers to the provinces and territories, and select powers the federal government at the center, and expanded powers to the provinces.”
and attacked the head of the House of Representatives, Iraqi Prime Minister strongly, with him responsible for what is happening in Iraq from deteriorating security and political collapse and cracked a social, expressing his dismay at the continuation of his policies, although it rejected widely by Sunnis and Kurds, in addition to a large segment of the Shiites, as he put it.
Regarding Maliki’s refusal to meet the demand of questioning he had his face has finally deputies in parliament, accused Najafi, the Iraqi prime minister that he does not respect the legislative power, and trying to make Parliament a Chamber of the Council of Ministers.
included Najafi what he called depriving the provinces of Nineveh, Anbar, the right to participate in local elections in the context of the curriculum sectarian followed by the government, accusing its policies as “distinguish between Iraqis on the basis of creed, national and take coercive action against the provinces and deprive them of their rights. ”
and described Najafi dispute Sunni Kurd on the fate of Kirkuk and Mosul and Diyala, that is considered “Unlike secondary and deferred” given the “size of the attack that we face by the party of Prime Minister and a section of the forces of the National Alliance,” is that declined at the same time waiver of those areas, saying that her “back to the decision popular based on constants legal.”
At the same time, he stressed the distinction between current-Maliki and his allies on the one hand, and the rest of the Shiites, who believes many of them in partnership and the right of citizenship and equality among citizens, while He noted the policy of the Sadrist current, which he said is close to many of our policy toward the country.
, it accused the Iraqi parliament speaker United States not to establish the weight of the human rights in Iraq, as “see and hear a lot of irregularities,” but in return, “provides for the owners unconditional support . ”
He went Najafi in reference to the American bias in favor of al-Maliki at the expense of the rest of the parties, saying: “The United States did not comply with its promises on the pressure on al-Maliki’s commitment to the agreement of Arbil,” and added that “although NCL agreement Erbil continued to support it, and vice versa pressed on us and on the Kurds and some Shiite forces in order to prevent the withdrawal of confidence from him, “noting that the United States can not find a substitute for” some agreements and arms deals. ”
revealed Najafi said the United States and Iran تتبعان approach politically in Iraq, bringing them together to support al-Maliki, also expressed his belief existence of a “strategic agreement” between the two countries throughout the Middle East, pointing out that Iraq is likely to be one of the areas that future painted his picture in that context, citing what he went to as “many see congruence between my policy of the two countries about what is happening in Iraq,” .
Najafi explained what has al-Maliki of Iranian support that responds “to many of the commitments requested by Iran, also responds to the situation that you want Tehran in the region.”