Lethal equation: 300 gunmen control the fate of 100 thousand civilians in Mosul with the old streets of fierce war

Lethal equation: 300 gunmen control the fate of 100 thousand civilians in Mosul with the old streets of fierce war

2017/06/21 10:11

Lethal equation - 300 gunmen control the fate of 100 thousand civilians in Mosul with the old streets of fierce warBaghdad today – Follow-up

One hundred thousand civilians according to figures projected by the United Nations are still stuck in the old Mosul last strongholds in the capital of his succession Daesh crumbling in Iraq are suffering from a serious shortage of food, water and medical supplies.

They are met by 300 militants Daesh only control their own destiny, according to the expected international coalition with the team Abdul-Ghani al-Asadi commander of the anti-terrorism forces in Mosul, it indicates that “this is the last chapter,” but added that the fighting house to house in the narrow streets is not an easy task.

The storming of the old city west of Mosul, where the process of narrow alleys and buildings adjacent which was launched last Sunday, great progress of the military campaign initiated by the Iraqi forces before the months to restore the entire city of Mosul, the last major stronghold of al Daesh in Iraq.

The Iraqi forces began in October the largest military operation taking place in Iraq for years to regain control of Mosul. Recuperating the eastern part of the city in January, and launched the process of the western part in February.

Several humanitarian organizations; and then expressed concern about civilians who are at risk of violent battles between the siege.

Said Sabah Numan, a spokesman for the elite counter-terrorism forces, “The process now is street fighting. It will be air and artillery strikes are limited due to the overcrowded area populated and buildings flimsy. ”

Initially, Iraqi and US forces had hoped the end of the end of last year’s operation, but the fierce fighting by insurgents – where hundreds were killed in suicide bombings or they Astqtheloa to defend their positions – caused the slow process.

During the nine months of fighting fled nearly 850 thousand civilians from their homes and killed thousands of others as a result of aerial bombardment of the coalition and in the hands of militants Daesh.

It is believed the alliance now that there is less than 300 militants trapped in the old city, but in the grip of hundreds of thousands of civilians who have used them as human shields at the time of the Iraqi forces and asked the civilians to escape, but the snipers Daesh and packages and air strikes have made the flight to safety righteousness is very serious.

During the past three weeks, the number of losses increased due to the inability of Iraqi forces secure safe corridors out completely, where snipers killed Daesh about 230 civilians while trying to cross the Tigris River in small boats by the United Nations.

The group Save the Children in a statement Sunday that “about 50 thousand children in grave danger with the entry of the battle of Mosul, the most bloody stages so far.” It is associated with editing the city of Mosul, with the restoration of the Syrian city of Raqqa process.

With Astguetal militants to death and surrender Lennon, it is likely to use the 220 thousand people of tenderness as human shields.

Chris Woods says of the organization (air wars), which monitors Coalition strikes in Syria and Iraq, “We have seen the alliance uses very high concentrations of firepower on the densely populated areas in Mosul, and our very great tenderness.”

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