“Latest developments” .. regarding the demonstration yesterday and an alternative choice for “Abdul Mahdi” ..

“Latest developments” .. regarding the demonstration yesterday and an alternative choice for “Abdul Mahdi” ..

Wednesday, December 11, 2019 at 11:33 am

Latest developments - regarding the demonstration yesterday and an alternative choice for Abdul MahdiBaghdad / Sky Press

Yesterday’s demonstration in Tahrir Square in Baghdad, which coincided with the second annual announcement of the great victory over ISIS, passed through a calm atmosphere and without any incidents, in light of the heavy security spread at the entrances and exits of the capital and the surrounding areas.

Calmness caused by warning a number of the movement’s leaders, the demonstrators, against responding to the calls made on social media platforms to storm the green, to avoid more bloodshed, because the demonstrations began peaceful and will remain peaceful and these calls are planned by the corrupt to make the demonstrations sabotage, according to the calls that were made. In this context, the demonstrators’ response to the directives of the supreme religious authority, Grand Ayatollah Ali Al-Sistani, indicates that the peaceful people should distinguish themselves from the saboteurs, so that solidarity with them does not diminish slowly.

Also recorded for the demonstrators, yesterday, their thanks to the military in remembrance of the victory over ISIS, and their praise especially for the role of the popular crowd in that, in contrast to a refusal of the attempts to turn the street on the crowd, especially since some activists direct their arrows exclusively to the leaders of the latter, bearing them a recurring responsibility Country conditions

Meanwhile, the President of the Republic, Barham Salih, called on demonstrators and political forces to cooperate to select a new prime minister, to form a government within the constitutional deadline, which ends on December 16th. An invitation that the protesters answered by rejecting any character presented by the corrupt class.

A statement issued on behalf of the protestors of Tahrir Square, Saleh, called for holding a meeting with the heads of Iraqi universities to nominate national figures from highly qualified cadres, so that one of them can choose to lead the country during the transitional period, and until early parliamentary elections are held.

In this regard, international media reveal that the meetings of the parties and political forces have not yielded anything new, while the stock exchange of names is still intact. The name of the Minister of Education in the resigned government, Qusay al-Suhail, is presented as an independent candidate, but he has the support of the leader of the State of Law coalition, Nuri al-Maliki, who supports at the same time MP Muhammad Shi’a al-Sudani, in what some interpret as an attempt by the Dawa Party to regain the position. On the parallel line, the name of former Oil Minister Muhammad Ibrahim Bahr al-Ulum appears as a candidate supported by the Badr Organization and the Al-Hikma Movement, but the veto of the Sadrist movement Muqtada al-Sadr may prevent him from reaching the position like the Sudanese. The name of the former Minister of Youth and Sports, Abd al-Hussein Abtan, is also given, but his chances are still slim compared to the other names, which gather the sources of political forces as burned names, and the final option will be in the last quarter of an hour. In light of the stalemate that dominates the scene, it seems that the political forces will be forced to go in the constitutional context, that is, giving the President of the Republic powers and devotion to prepare for the legislative elections, which today is expected to pass its law, in anticipation of the form of electoral districts and the basis for calculating representation, especially since these points represent a place Disagreement, as expressed by al-Sadr yesterday, as he renewed his adherence to multiple constituencies and individual nominations.

Al-Sadr, who lives in the Iranian city of Qom, raises a belief among his opponents that his current is passing in its worst days, according to the expression of sources from within the Al-Fateh coalition. This is due, according to media outlets, that Sadr, who sought to devote himself as the sole leader of the street, appeared unable to mobilize his fans in Al-Hanana where he lived in the city of Najaf last Sunday, and in Tahrir Square, where it seemed clear to everyone that the Shiite street is currently a conference directed by Sistani Exclusively. At the same time, the sources regret the failure of Al-Fateh to achieve any political achievement, due to the weakness of the vision of its political forces, its lack of appropriate tools, and conflicting opinions regarding it.