Kuwaiti ambassador’s [where]: settled all outstanding issues with Iraq in the paper and wait for implementation on the ground

Tuesday, 08 May / May 2012 13:28

Kuwait announced its agreement with Iraq in various outstanding issues between the two countries.

He said the Kuwaiti Ambassador to Iraq, to the insured told all of Iraq [where] that “Kuwait and Iraq had agreed during the recent round of talks on all outstanding issues and differences between them and it was resolved in terms of the agreement remained on paper only to be implemented. “

He added that “the implementation of agreements on the ground waiting for two things first is to seek the opinion of the leaders of the two countries in or request the opinion of the relevant functional commissions, in some files and these are all agreed and need to be political opinion from a higher level of negotiators or a technical opinion from the lower level and all these things we hope to find their way During the final visit of Prime Minister of Kuwait Jaber Al-Mubarak Al-Sabah to Iraq the end of this year. “

He insured that “Kuwait is with Iraq would emerge strongly from the UN sanctions under Chapter VII of the UN Security Council and that this matter is not, however, Kuwait or Iraq, but, however, the United Nations and appreciates the commitment of the two countries in the implementation of these agreements,” adding that “Kuwait and Iraq are looking forward to expand until after the seventh item. “

On Mbina Mubarak of Kuwait said the insured that “the port is Kuwaiti and on the land and the rule of Kuwaiti and does not affect Iraq and interests and that all construction procedures about it is to deepen the navigation channel which is currently only the lowest Islands him and that the boundary set of the lowest Islands and the port of Mubarak did not come out even on dry land, but the navigation channel will be expanded and deepened to the weakness and will be the best navigation devices in the world and there will be coordination with the Iraqi side in this regard. “

And on the joint border oil fields, Kuwait’s Ambassador “of being placed on the table in the work of the Joint Committee was agreed relatively on how to deal with it.”

On the visa of Kuwait granted for Iraqis announced the insured that “some [10] thousands of visa [visa] granted by Kuwait to Iraqi businessmen and humanitarian cases,” stressing that “there are stringent happened recently due to record some cases the security and the authorities’ fear Kuwaiti security and auditing of information security and that there are efforts to ease these restrictions on visas. “

The Supreme Committee of Ministers Iraqi – Kuwaiti Joint had met on 29 April in Baghdad and the head of the Iraqi Foreign Minister Hoshyar Zebari, the head of the Kuwaiti side, Deputy Prime Minister and Foreign Minister and Minister of Cabinet Affairs Sheikh Sabah Al-Khalid Al-Sabah and attended by a number of ministers from both countries , and the Committee discussed all the issues between the two countries, and most important of Iraq’s obligations towards the international resolutions and the land border between the two countries and the freedom of navigation in the Khawr Abd Allah and the missing Iraqis and Kuwaitis and Kuwaiti debt on Iraq and the compensation and the port of Mubarak, Kuwait and the establishment of a fishing Gulf and open a consulate Kuwait in both Basra and Erbil.

The implications of the draft Port Mubarak, who began to implement it in Kuwait last April of 2011, a great discontent among many of the politicians, considering it an encroachment on the rights of Iraq shipping.

Mention technical delegation headed by Senior Advisor to the Prime Minister Thamer Ghadban visited Kuwait in August 2011 to discuss the crisis in Port Mubarak presented his report to the Council of Ministers after the visit of the port to see him on the ground to find out whether it affects the navigation of the Iraqi navy.

I consider experts on the navigation of this project violates international conventions, he cut a large amount of water from the port of Umm Qasr and will lead to a decline attributed sharply, as would confiscate what is known as line of navigation land open to all countries as it is supposed meeting Iraqi – Kuwait on 14 April current to be an important step to solve all the problems between the two countries, including the port of Mubarak. ended 2.