Kurdistan puts the stick in the wheel to obstruct the passage of the budget

Kurdistan puts the stick in the wheel to obstruct the passage of the budget


Kurdistan puts the stick in the wheel to obstruct the passage of the budgetInformation / Baghdad…
Some Kurdish parties stood against passing the budget within the Parliamentary Finance Committee, despite the existence of a prior political agreement during which it was confirmed that the exported oil would be sold through the region through the SOMO Marketing Company, provided that the revenues are deposited in a specific bank in order to ensure that these amounts reach Baghdad in return for the region’s handover of its agreed budget.

The Kurds’ objection and their obstruction of the work of the Finance Committee has brought the situation back to the starting point, and despite the possibility of passing it without returning to the objectors, Baghdad still takes into account the rights of all components before proceeding with the budget legislation.

In this regard, the representative of the State of Law Coalition, Asaad Muhammad, told Al-Maalouma, that “the regional government demands its share of the budget in addition to its control over the sale of oil and the revenues of the 400,000 barrels exported through Kurdistan without referring to the federal government or the oil products marketing company SOMO.” .

Chihoud added, “This is not possible, as the solution lies in flexibility and understanding in order to advance the budget.”

On the other hand, the former member of the Parliamentary Oil Committee, Ghaleb Muhammad Ali, told Al-Maaloumah, that “the proposals submitted for amendment by the Parliamentary Finance Committee are constitutional and directly in the interest of the Kurdish citizen, but the recent tensions occurred as a result of the work of the Finance Committee, which was summarized in Provision of control over the extraction and export of oil and gas in the region.

He added, “All popular circles in the Kurdistan region are in solidarity and thank all members of the Finance Committee for showing the points and paragraphs in which the Kurdistan government exploits citizens, while the regional government worked to stand against the committee’s proposals in order to continue controlling all Kurdistan’s revenues.”

On the other hand, a member of the Patriotic Union of Kurdistan, Ghiath Al-Sorji, confirmed to Al-Maalouma, “The amendments that took place within the Parliamentary Finance Committee regarding the region’s budget are legal and in favor of transparency, as the Union supports all amendments and sees in them the true guarantee for the people of the region and the receipt of salaries.” employees and their entitlements without delay,” adding that “the Democratic Party’s objection to the budget cannot be accepted and its goal is to provoke a new crisis, and it is expected that the budget will be passed without the participation of the Democrat in the session.”

And the intensity of the statements rose between deputies from the south and another from the Kurdistan region, against the background of amending the articles related to the region in the budget, while Representative Youssef Al-Kalabi threatened to dismiss the second deputy speaker of Parliament, Shakhwan Abdullah.

And last Thursday, a member of the Parliamentary Finance Committee, Mustafa Sanad, revealed that the committee had voted to amend paragraphs related to the region in the budget law, while pointing out that the representatives of the Democratic Party bloc had withdrawn from the meeting.