Kurdistan Elite: The Federal Decision Regarding The Region’s Oil Is National And Ends The Corruption Of The Ruling Family

Kurdistan Elite: The Federal Decision Regarding The Region’s Oil Is National And Ends The Corruption Of The Ruling Family

02/18/2022 | 10:18 AM

 Kurdistan Elite - The Federal Decision Regarding The Regions Oil Is National And Ends The Corruption Of The Ruling FamilyInformation/Baghdad.

On Friday, an elite of Kurdistan intellectuals issued a statement regarding the Federal Court’s decision to stop the export of Kurdistan’s oil, describing the decision as patriotic and the beginning of the end of the corruption of the ruling family.

A statement issued by the elite, which received / the information / a copy of, stated that we are “an elite of Kurdish citizens from inside and outside the country, including civil society activists, writers, intellectuals and politicians. Honorable through him for the unconstitutionality of the Kurdish oil and gas law, the law according to which political families monopolize all basic resources that are essentially a national wealth for all the people without exception.”

The statement made several observations, as follows:

No: It is noted that the overwhelming majority of the Kurdish people in the Kurdistan region warmly welcome this decision, accompanied by a package of reservations, which often seem to be very serious concerns! The aforementioned majority wished that this decision would be a national strategic decision that stems from a sense of patriotism and a sense of responsibility, based on an extensive study that preceded the process of issuing the decision, as it is looking forward at the same time that the decision will not be a retaliatory decision issued and imposed by a party on It was written down by the parties in order to force him to agree and enter into a political equation, whether this pressure party is internal or external, while it emphasizes that the most important of all is to employ broad public support to consolidate the decision and implement it to the full so that the next government can extract the oil and gas file from the hands of the militias. The ruling families in the Kurdistan region of Iraq once and for all.

Second: The decision was supposed to be issued ten or more years ago; But it came late because of concessions made by the Iraqi forces and parties to the families who had acquired oil wells and fields in the region in order to preserve common interests. As a result of this policy of courtesy and politeness, today a large part of the Kurdistan region is treated on the political, military, economic and security levels as if it were a Turkish colony! Therefore, it became necessary to support the decision popularly and governmentally and speed up its implementation on the ground.

Third: For years from now, under the Kurdish kleptocratic system, a systematic process has been taking place aimed at starving and humiliating the people. Therefore, the central government and the Federal Supreme Court must avoid targeting the Kurdish people based on this decision, and any other decision issued by them on any issue. Of the political, economic and military issues, which are unresolved and unresolved; Avoid exacerbating and deepening crises. While the central government must also act responsibly and wisely, as it has a duty to respond to the demands of the people in the Kurdistan region, not to acquiesce and identify with political families and their interests!

Fourth: Since we ask everyone from the current and upcoming government to be serious and expedite the implementation of the details and provisions of this decision in order to be of help to the people in their march towards salvation from poverty and organized and systematic starvation! So that the dignity and service of the citizen is the center of attention of the executive authority from Basra and Ramadi to Halabja and Zakho. As we hold the central government to guarantee the region’s budget, with its details, from salaries, to allocating the specified amounts for the development of the regions, in addition to the operating budget.

Dr. Nawzad Rashid – Physician – Australia

Dashti Ali – University Professor / Garmian

Khraman Saber

Aras Masafi

Azad Mulla Nabi-Chouman

Majid Ghafoor – Sulaymaniyah

Aso Johar – Kirkuk

Dana Minami – Britain

Rahand Saber – Sulaymaniyah

Rebwar Ibrahim – Erbil

Najmadin Ali Ghafoor – Rania

Dr. Murad Hassan / Professor at Flinders University – Australia

Ardalan Amin – Europe

Hey Karim

Sami Jabbar Ibrahim – Qasry

Shaswar Harshmi – University Professor / Sweden

Najat Dry-Australia

Qahraman Hassan/ university professor/ Rania

Hayman Mamand/ Political Activist/ Sulaymaniyah

Dr. Peshtiwan Saber – University of Sulaymaniyah

Hiwa Khochenau – Belgium

Hoger Prime/ Sweden

How long is the rest?

Swara Namiq/ Sulaymaniyah

Shwan Burhan

Hemin Sheikh Raouf / Sulaymaniyah

Hariz Jamal/ Britain

Kamyar Saber

Khaled Hamad Hassan – Rania

Sarkot Shams El Din, former parliamentarian

Lawan Othman / writer and activist

Ribaz Hassan / Shahkar Abdullahzadeh

Hadi Hama Rashid/ writer/ Halabja

Dana Abdoul/ activist

Dilshad Majeed / writer and journalist

Shwan Baki – Sweden

Karzan Hakim Kaka Hama – Kirkuk

Shenyar Anwar – America

Jabbar Hamad – Canada

Issa Seodin-America

Dilshad Majid – Sweden

Saman Abdullah – Darbandikhan

Tariq Hammondi – America

Zand Hussein – Kirkuk

Revand Suleiman – Dohuk

Ranj Othman-Rania

Amanj Ali – Britain

Goran Abdullah – Canada

Niaz Mustafa – Koysanjak

Taher Mahmoud Askari


Behrouz Haji – Sulaymaniyah

Nasreen Ali – Kirkuk

Rustam Muhammad-Chimchamal

Range Osman – Rania