Ki-moon calls to remove Iraq from Chapter VII

Ki-moon calls to remove Iraq from Chapter VII

11:53 06/19/2013

Ki-moon calls to remove Iraq from Chapter VIIBaghdad – and babysit – called on the Secretary-General of the United Nations Ban Ki-moon, the Security Council on Tuesday by subjecting only humanitarian contentious issue remaining between Iraq and Kuwait to Item VI of the UN Charter, instead of the seventh item.
And Ban Ki-moon said that the sixth item Urges States to resolve their differences through peaceful means, The seventh item Vijol the Security Council to impose its will by force, either through sanctions or military intervention.

The Secretary-General in his report “in the event of the approval of the Security Council on my recommendation, will be removing Iraq from Chapter VII with respect to this file, and will advance another step towards the restoration of its international a long تاقت goal lead this country to achieve after the overthrow of Saddam Hussein.”

Ban said he should authorize the United Nations Mission in Iraq’s political responsibility Find Kuwaitis and nationals of other countries absent or their remains, as well as of Kuwaiti property Kalarhev the national stolen during the occupation of Kuwait.

Iraq is still subject to international sanctions imposed by the United Nations after the invasion and occupation of Kuwait in 1990.

In the case of the Security Council to accept the recommendation of the Secretary-General, will be considered a strong political push to Baghdad in an effort to restore its international ten years after the overthrow of the former regime.

It is scheduled to decide on the relevant Security Council at a later date of the month. P / h