Khashan: Iraq’s money was stolen through the Food Security Law

Khashan: Iraq’s money was stolen through the Food Security Law


Khashan - Iraqs money was stolen through the Food Security LawInformation/special.
The independent deputy, Basem Khashan, confirmed, today, Saturday, that there are paragraphs inserted in the Food Security Law, the aim of which was to steal large sums of money from Iraq.

Khashan said in an interview with “The Information”, “The documents in which the former Finance Minister explained the reason for his resignation confirm that large sums of money were stolen by adding some paragraphs in the Food Security Law.”

He added, “Among the funds around which suspicions of corruption revolve in the law are the sums that have been allocated to the reconstruction of the liberated areas.”

And he continued, “The first official in charge of the liberated areas funds fund is accused in many corruption files, including the Sumer deal, in which many politicians were involved.”

He pointed out that “the current government brings experts on corruption deals and gives them high positions responsible for very large files in Iraq.”

A member of the Parliamentary Integrity Committee, Ahmed Al-Rubaie, had previously spoken to Al-Maalouma, that “a dark picture of the political and economic situation of the country was published in the event that the Food Security Law was not signed, while many suspicious paragraphs were passed.”