Kerry tries to test the intentions of the Iraqi leaders

Senior politician: Kerry tries to test the intentions of the Iraqi leaders

Created Wednesday, 06 February / February 2013 10:10 | |

Baghdad / Orr News

Revealed a senior political source for contacts between U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry and Iraqi politicians to find a way out of the crisis through which Iraq. Said the source, who preferred anonymity, said that Kerry “holds in store proposals to resolve some of the crises,” adding that Kerry “explored the views of politicians and commissioned his own team to provide a study of how to arrange the map regional countries influence within Iraq.”

The source added that the Kerry translation “of the political situation confusing,” explaining that it sure full of “wills international cross inside Iraq, including wills surrounding countries and some of which seeks to impose its color on the color of the Iraqi political”, according to the recipe.

He pointed out that Kerry was commissioned by the U.S. administration rearranging papers Iraqi political for this period and the completion of what was working on the Secretary of State that preceded Hillary Clinton, and continued, “Kerry is urgent at the moment because he wants to see the estimated Iraqi self to resist challenges experienced by.”