Islamic Republic of Iran using unmanned aerial vehicles for border control

Friday April 20, 2012

Agencies – Deputy Commander of Border Guards Corps Islamic Republic of Iran would be the use of unmanned aircraft to monitor the role of border areas. Brigadier-General Ahmed Kraond: In order to better control the border and prevent the entry of people and illegal drug convoys into the country has proceeded with border guards on the use of unmanned aerial vehicles for border control and the decision of the Ministry of Interior. He added that this light and medium aircraft are currently testing the final, and will be used soon as weather conditions for each area of ​​the border areas.

He said: In order to strengthen border control will be used for sophisticated radar and night-vision goggles, and have multiplied significantly the possibilities of border guards in terms of gear and weapons.

The vice commander of border guards to increase the intelligence and ability to take advantage of the local population to ensure border security is one of the plans to boost border security in addition to the border to fill the gaps.

He explained that Kraond intelligence and combat units in areas where gangs smuggling will be enhanced, indicating that the special forces unit in cooperation with the border guards of the Islamic Revolution Guards and the army are receiving training session, to be published in the border provinces.Q, Q