Iraqi provinces impose restrictions on Japanese goods

Posted 07/05/2012 02:56 AM

Basra – Ahmed Waheed
Declared in the provinces of southern Iraq from imposing restrictions on the import of Japanese goods, after controlling for goods contaminated with nuclear radiation leakage as a result of the reactor «Fukushima» last year. The Basra police command announced the seizure of containers imported from Japan loaded with reserve and spare parts contaminated with radioactive materials.
The Director-General of the province’s police Faisal al-Abadi said in a statement «seized three containers at the port of Abu Flus in Basra province, the source of Japan loaded with spare parts for cars and bicycles contaminated with toxic Bohaaat».

He added: «security forces cordoned off the place containers at the port, to keep the citizens for fear of being exposed to radiation», adding that «the Provincial Council was to prevent the entry of goods from Japan, but after making sure that they are free from radiation … There are traders importing goods exported from Japan because of low prices after exposure to radiation from a leak in the reactor «Fukushima» last year, replenished to Iraq through the Gulf and enter the country through the ports in the ports of Basra ».

The auto trade, which had been damaged by natural factors last year, the most important types of trade in Basra, where vehicles are sold are imported from America, had been damaged by hurricanes, Festurdha some Iraqi traders at low prices and carry some amendments to the damages suffered by them and they offer in the market.

Furthermore, the Committee decided the supreme security in the province of Dhi Qar (390 kilometers) south of Baghdad to prevent entry of vehicles used to maintain the reserve after controlling large amounts of contaminated high rates of nuclear radiation.

The director of the Department of Environment in the province Raji Naima told «life»: the city’s governor asked the higher authorities in the Iraqi government to prevent the entry of vehicles imported from Japan as spare parts through the ports in the border provinces.

He added: «the Commission’s decision came after recommendations from the environment the province, revealed on the materials that went into Iraq and to the province of Dhi Qar, specifically, and found that some contaminants have entered a number of stores selling auto parts in the province».

He continued: «formed committees to count the contaminated material, it is possible that there will be areas containing contaminated material harmful radiation».
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