Iraqi political confidence in the American withdrawal from Iraq

Iraqi political confidence in the American withdrawal from Iraq


Iraqi political confidence in the American withdrawal from IraqInformation / Baghdad…
Amidst the opinions that do not trust the American statements to remove its forces from Iraq, it seems that there are other opinions full of conviction that these forces will leave Iraq for many reasons, the most important of which is the high expenses that America is lavishing on these forces and has become unwilling to continue funding them.

Both Iraq and the international coalition, led by America, formed joint committees to work on scheduling the withdrawal of coalition forces from Iraq, in accordance with the Iraqi desire, which officially requested through the government the withdrawal of these forces, after the American forces committed several crimes, including their bombing of the headquarters of the Popular Mobilization Forces, the killing of civilians, and the assassination of leaders. Patriots.

A member of the Al-Fatah Alliance, Ayed Al-Hilali, said that the American side is no longer able to bear additional financial burdens in light of the presence of its military forces inside Iraq, at a time when America is experiencing a difficult economic situation that requires it to reduce expenses.

Al-Hilali told Al-Maalouma, “America seeks to have a strong economic, military, or political influence inside Iraq, but it is no longer able to keep its forces in Iraq.”

He added, “The American military presence inside Iraq costs Washington large expenses in light of the crisis economic situation it is experiencing.”
He explained, “America’s budget has exceeded 30 trillion dollars, and the presence of its forces outside its country’s borders will exhaust the American budget, which will force Washington to negotiate with Baghdad to end its military presence, and turn the page toward balanced relations built on foundations and agreements between the two countries.”

In the same context, the representative of the coordination framework, Jassem Al-Alawi, saw the presence of American popular pressure on its government to remove its forces from Iraq.

Al-Alawi told Al-Maalouma, “Washington is looking for its interests before committing to laws or treaties concluded on paper only.”

He called on the government to “use all pressure cards against the United States of America regarding the issue of removing foreign forces from the country, especially since Washington is still attacking the country and practicing arrogance in all files.”

As for the Chairman of the Parliamentary Security and Defense Committee, Karim Al-Mohammadawi, he confirmed that matters are moving towards the withdrawal of all foreign forces, especially the American ones, from Iraq according to a specific timetable.

He told Al-Maalouma, “There is a tendency among the executive and legislative authorities to proceed with the removal of the American forces, and the Parliamentary Security and Defense Committee is following up with the government on the security file.”

He pointed out that “Iraq does not need any American combat forces on its territory and seeks to ensure the achievement of its complete sovereignty.