Iraqi mass: Drop the debt will prove its good intentions Kuwait

01/05/2012 17:45

Erbil, May 1 / May (Rn) – A bloc in the Iraqi parliament Tuesday that he must Kuwait to drop the debt owed ​​by Iraq to prove its good intentions. saw the Iraqi-Kuwaiti relations recently closer political thaw to some extent the tension between the two countries against the backdrop of problems due to a whole period the Iraqi invasion of Kuwait. Iraqi President Saddam Hussein ordered the invasion of Kuwait in 1990 and its impact is pushing Iraq to Kuwait debts worth billions of dollars. consists debt of Kuwait to Iraq from the losses suffered by the oil sector in Kuwait in addition to the losses suffered by the government ministries and buildings during the Iraqi invasion . Baghdad says that the continued subordination of Iraq to Chapter VII, “restricts the country and affect its independence.” said an MP for the Iraqi bloc of free high-Nassif, in a statement that “Algeria has dropped its debts from Iraq … It was better in Kuwait to follow the example of Algeria in this step.” The Government informed the Algerian counterpart of Iraq last summer to cancel debt owed ​​by Iraq for the benefit of Algeria without clear value.agreed Paris Club of 19 creditor nations rich in 2004 to write off 80 percent of the debt of $ 40 billion to help Iraq recover from the US-led invasion in 2003. said Nassif – who was a member of the coalition in Iraq before joining the bloc white and free – that “most of the debt Kuwaiti imposed on Iraq because of the policies of the former regime, it is unfair to pay the Iraqi people for those policies that do not sin in it.” and ranged from Iraq’s debt outside the 130 and 140 billion dollars in 2003, was settled largely through the Paris Club agreement in 2004. hit Iraq’s debt to Saudi Arabia $ 30 billion last year and Kuwait $ 22 billion in addition to compensation for the Iraqi invasion of Kuwait in 1991. The MP for the Iraq free to “drop the debt of Kuwait will allow the opportunity to prove its good intentions toward Iraq and will enable it to open a new page of relations based on mutual trust and good neighborliness.” Murtaza Yousuf