Iraqi Dinar Guru opinions 9-12-2023

Iraqi Dinar Guru opinions 9-12-2023

Iraqi Dinar Guru opinions-predictions9-12-2023 Guru Nader From The Mid East This is straight from the horses mouth, straight from Sudani. He had an interview today…He talked about security…ISIS and any other terrorist group does not have anymore power in our life. Stability, Iraq is stable. It’s amazing. Cannot get more stable than this. Three…we signed all the agreements. It’s ready with world trade. It’s done. Finished…Iraq become the hub of Asia, Middle East, North Africa and maybe Europe..

9-12-2023 Guru Nader From The Mid East The exchange rate has been discussed with the WTO, World Bank…last week in New York they all agreed into it. Iran tried to slow it down but they can’t anymore. That’s it. They’re done…Now we’re just waiting for the approval of United States Treasury. They just have to sign it. Everything is done. This is from the horses mouth… Sudani…Happy day today.

9-12-2023 Intel Guru Angel1 Sudani was flexing today. It was a gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous hour and twenty-four minute nationally televised meeting. He talked about water, railroads, trade, energy, wheat, you name it…He talked about how this is no longer a 3rd world country…A first world country is secure…stable…highly coveted. He talked about the agreement with India, Iran, China…they have agreements with everybody.

9-12-2023 Intel Guru MarkZ [via PDK] Question: “Why does the US have any say in Iraq’s revaluation?” MarkZ: Because of the Iraqi war and the rebuild Iraq money and part of the surrender agreement with Sadaam Hussein when they pulled out of Kuwait. That is it in a nutshell…so the US can recoup the cost of the war. Question: “Will the US get in the way of the RV again?” I can tell you they are caving and cannot get in the way now.

9-11-2023 Intel Guru Frank26 Corruption is being squashed…


9-11-2023 Intel Guru MarkZ [via PDK] We have been seeing all kinds of bank rates on currency calculators. My bankers believe they are priming the pump for the system and punching in different values to test things. I really think this may be the last week we have to deal with all of this.

9-11-2023 Guru Nader From The Mid East I told you before the CBI has nothing to do with it. CBI can change the rate to 1160, 1134 but that’s the maximum do…Who’s gonna put it back? The United States government.

9-11-2023 Newshound Guru Clare Article: “Touches 100 dollars. Economist expects oil prices to continue to rise” Quote: “expecting the price of a barrel to reach $ 100 during the remainder of 2023.”

9-11-2023 Intel Guru MarkZ [via PDK] …We are so close…coming right from Sudani…it is time to address the exchange rate…BAM. They have been in many meetings…we have had people here from Iraq for the last few weeks. Folks from our Us Fed Reserve and Treasury have been over there. I totally agree that it is done…. We are just waiting for some reason. Waiting for when that trigger is flipped.

9-11-2023 Intel Guru MarkZ [via PDK] My Iraqi contacts believe it will be here from yesterday up through the 20th…tops. Most of my sources over here believe this is it!!! Don’t be upset if it’s not quite that quick as there are a lot of moving pieces behind the curtain…

9-11-2023 Newshound Guru Sandy Ingram [I] was to hire an individual who could be bonded, who speaks both English and Arabic and who could open a brokerage account on the Iraqi Stock Market and an Iraqi bank account. [We] asked this person to contact us using the channels Facebook page. There were several responses. But before conversations could begin the Facebook account was disabled. No explanation. No reason…These actions led me to believe someone in high place did not want us to bring our over $10 million investment in or on the Iraqi stock market into play…

9-11-2023 Intel Guru Frank26 Question: “What percentage rate should I look for when I exchange?” 1%, 2%, 3% I think is more than fair especially if you’re dealing with high million numbers. Anything past that gets a little gluttonous. Me personally, my % for exchanging will be zero. You know how many dinars I will be taking to a bank? ‘You’re going to charge me, to deposit my money into your bank?!?? Bye-Bye. Of course we can work something out. Now do it.’ It bothers me that this is what’s going to happen… banks will take advantage of you.

9-11-2023 Newshound Guru Samson Article: “Economist: The budget was not implemented even 90 days after its approval” Quote: “it was not implemented due to the presence of thieves and corrupt people, stressing the necessity of changing disbursement methods to keep the funds of the tripartite budget from the hands of corrupt officials.”

9-11-2023 Newshound Guru Militia Man The news outlets and the media doesn’t quite paint the picture in a cut and dry manner. That’s not their job is to babysit us and it’s not their job to tell you every specific thing that they’re going to do, how they’re going to do it, what the exchange rate is, what the date is. Anybody that thinks that is going to ever be possible I’m not sure you should be in this investment. The fact remains we all have curiosity so fair enough. We’re all curious to what that is and we’re going to have to wait to find out…

9-11-2023 Newshound/Intel Guru Mnt Goat Article: “IRAQ IS ADVANCING GLOBALLY AND SETTLING IN THE ARAB WORLD WITH THE LARGEST ECONOMY IN THE WORLD IN 2023″ Quote: “…Iraq ranked 49th in the world’s largest economies for the year 2023, after it was ranked 52nd last year, within a list of 190 countries, according to a report by the International Monetary Fund.”

9-11-2023 Intel Guru yada I will say that the reasons we should see this, finally is the implementations are in full mode. The money from the budget will cover the employee salaries, activate the contracts to improve their national airport, and complete the funding to have their rail line active with Iran. Lets not forget the French 28 billion contract to build their electric plant,,,all awaiting the reissued dinar