Iraqi Dinar Guru opinions 5-9-15

Iraqi Dinar Guru opinions 5-9-15

Iraqi Dinar guru opinions 5-9-155-9-2015 Newshound/Intel Guru Randy Koonce DO NOT LISTEN to the stuff calling for any in country anything…This is just an RV. What does that mean…That means that Dr Shabibi will go to a computer and change the number on the CBI computer to a number that has a 3 digit decimal and when that happens it will take about 2 min to go across the globe…That is it…nothing more… no global restructuring. We are in the same spot since Jan. 1st of this year…If you check the CBI.IQ and there is still 1166 they could turn in money, but they are not cashing in anything. DO YOU KNOW THAT THE IRAQIS DO NOT CASH IN. THEY JUST GO AND PUT IT IN THE BANK AND GET A SMALLER BILL… THE DINAR TO THEM STILL HAS THE SAME VALUE. 25000 DINAR AFTER THE RV IS STILL 25000 DINAR…NOTHING CHANGED… THAT BILL NOW BUYS MORE… THEY DO NOT CASH A BILL IN AND GET US DOLLARS…WE DO THAT. THERE IS NO GLOBAL CHANGE THAT WILL TAKE PLACE AFTER THE RV– JUST COUNTRIES THAT HAVE DINAR NOW CAN USE THE DINAR ON THEIR BALANCE SHEET.

5-9-2015 Newshound/Intel Guru Randy Koonce The CBI did say that they were going to drop the zeros from the bills in the month of may. OK dropping the zeros… as some say it changes the value of the bill… but it has nothing to do with rate. So DRopping Zeros to Iraq and to the CBI, and this is coming from Shabibi directly, is that he wants to get the large bills off the streets of Iraq and that is it. So for the Guru who believes it is coming out Low around 10 cents and floating up they need to learn to read a budget… and the last two budgets would implode at a 10 cent rate… and Iraq learned from Kuwait about the float, and that damaged kuwait because of materials they would try and get in… Obama has still not allowed Iraq to change the rate at the bank. Iraq has screamed at our president to let their money out.. and so far to no avail. BE SMART…JUST RELAX and breathe. Every large bank will exchange. We are close…just check the CBI…every day to see if it has changed.

5-9-2015 Newshound Guru Enorrste Article quote: “Parliamentary sources and others close to the Iraqi Central Bank, said that a government committee concluded that a competent decision new cash paper currency printing of fifty thousand dinars category ($ 42), in light of the challenges facing the Iraqi dinar and the strength of local and global market.” [it is hard to assume the CBI is doing anything right when we both have watched since late 2012 as they failed miserably with sustaining a market rate within the 2% spread.] It is true that the spread has changed, but that was due to Parliament sticking its nose in the CBI’s business, not an error on the part of the CBI itself. More importantly, though, the actual offical rate has remained the same for as long as I have been in this investment, in spite of a rising money supply, ISIS, and lower oil prices.

5-9-2015 Newshound Guru Enorrste In addition, the IMF and World Bank have praised the CBI on numerous occasions with their efforts to get back into the “real” world, even though, admittedly, even the IMF is a little frustrated at the pace of change. However, even that can largely be thrown at the feet of Maliki who stuck his man in the CBI, thereby bringing to a halt for nearly 4 years a plan that otherwise would have been implemented by now. Therefore, I have confidence that the CBI is on track. They deeply desire to have “consensus” in their actions, which is probably the cause for some of the delays from our point of view. That may just be the Iraqi way of doing things. But what is clear to me is that they are plugging along in the same direction, and this article is particularly pointed toward their goal.

5-9-2015 KING of RUMORS Guru Everything has been going through the system since yesterday. Other countries have the rates, and I don’t know how much longer this can be hidden from the world. I don’t know how they are going to hide it after Friday morning, especially Friday through Sunday. That gives you a time frame. The actual event you were waiting for took place last month. From that day, the slow rollout process has been underway. We are not calling it for today, tomorrow or the next day, but we are very, very close. It’s all good news. We are waiting for the witching hour.

5-9-2015 RUMOR Guru Everything looks phenomenally good and we hope to see a conclusion really quickly. There are celebrations going on, but it is not throughout the entire country and there has not been a formal announcement…we hear that 350,000 cards are not yet able to use their cards yet. However we know they will get their cards activated. Everyone is prepared for the next few days. CBI has sent out notifications world-wide with another minor change in rates, pushing them up a tad. The USA… the banks started yesterday to update their rates and reloaded yesterday evening…the banks have had meetings about this going through. Some have sent out notifications letting their people know we will be exchanging currency. Everyone expects this will happen soon.

5-8-2015 Newshound Guru wmawhite [Is HCL done?] the Vice President of the United States of America…Biden…said the agreement was completed…IMO, now it is a matter of implementing the numerous pieces of the agreement


5-8-2015 Newshound Guru Millionday Article quote: “The World Bank seeks to help Iraq in its current crisis, which caused big losses to him, hoping that the bank provides loans that will be of great financial and economic interest….the loan would help Iraq to cross its financial crisis this year and the next two years that can be played by and recover a record time…the launch of this loan by next July…” HUGE INFO — THE WORLD BANK IS PLANNING ON HELPING FOR THE NEXT TWO YEARS AS IRAQ CROSSES THE FINANCIAL CRISIS OFF THE LIST AND RECOVERS IN WHAT THEY REFER TO AS RECORD TIME — SO THEY ARE EXPECTED TO HAVE ACCESS IN JULY AND OBVIOUSLY FOR RECONSTRUCTION AND TO BRING IN MUCH NEEDED SERVICES AS AREAS ARE MADE SAFE AND NOT A WASTE OF INVESTMENT BECAUSE OF TERORISM OF COURSE. SOUNDS LIKE IRAQ IS BEING SEEN AS THE BIGGEST OF THE BIGGEST BY THE MOST INFLUENTIAL — CANT BEAT THAT! I HAVE TO SAY — WHOOOPOW.

5-8-2015 Newshound Guru wmawhite [since Parliament didnt do much today…and supposedly not having another session till the 19th.. any comment?] I have never believed this event is tied to Parliament’s actions or lack of action. The CBI introducing the IQD to the world currency markets and the confidence of investors placing their money into an Iraqi bank (investment law) are two separate and different items.

5-8-2015 Intel/Newshound Guru tman23 WE know July…the start of the second semester of the financial year they are starting NEW BOOKS…and these books are not going to include 3 zeros… Hakim’s public announcement…A STORM IS COMING.

5-8-2015 Newshound Guru wmawhite …in order for that new 50 IQD note to have the same buying power of $43.00 the price of goods/market place will need to drop a 1,000%. in order for that to happen the value of the IQD, which is buying those goods outside of Iraq will need to increase in value several times greater than the 1,000% needed inside of Iraq.