Iraqi Dinar Guru opinions 4-9-19

Iraqi Dinar Guru opinions 4-9-19

Iraqi Dinar Guru opinions-predictions4-9-2019 Intel Guru Delta Article: “IRAQ IS CLOSING IN ON A MAJOR ECONOMIC BREAKTHROUGH” I LOVE IT….ALL OVER THE NEWS IN IRAQ… MORE GOOD NEWS…”free-trade zone will be established between Saudi Arabia and Iraq”

4-9-2019 Newshound Guru Adam Montana […do you see the passing of the 2019 budget with the old rate in it as significant? Do you think we will now need to wait until 2020 to see an increase in the rate?…] No to both questions. I’ll expand on that briefly – the budget as passed allocated a specific dollar amount to specific items. This dollar amount gives Iraq a functioning government and will not need to be changed with the rate.

4-9-2019 Intel Guru MarkZ [Ramadan is May 5 to June 4] I believe we will be out of the gate and long done by then.

4-9-2019 Newshound Guru Breitling I noticed a big huge trend. A little bit of fear. And there is no reason for it…[My] statement…“I don’t think the dinar is going to get to $3.25.” That is just my opinion…Where does that come from?…We understand the opportunity for them to revalue is oil prices. Well there are other things on the table and it has to do the the GCC which is basically a trading block in the middle east. …what’s being proposed for peace in the middle east between Israel and the countries that surround Israel will have an indirect effect for Iraq and its currency…and it’s all good news. …The United States has agreed to put 2 Trillion into helping and sustaining the framework of this trading block…

4-8-2019 Intel Guru MarkZ We have all been so hyped up for the last two weeks and we need to manage our expectations but we really are that close…IMO. News really slowed down Sat. Night…the decision was made to pull the trigger …we expect late this evening…there is a tremendous commitment to get this done. By later Saturday everyone in…Iraq was saying Tuesday was the day to look for. Should make for a crazy two days. If 800 numbers show up tonight or Tuesday we should be in banks by Wednesday.

4-8-2019 Intel Guru MarkZ Well in the past we have heard so many sorry stories and the can was kicked so many times…but this time I don’t think is one of them…As of now, I am excited we will see solid movement overnight.

4-8-2019 Intel/Newshound Guru Sandyf [If the Saudi’s currency is worth 27 cents I would think Iraq’s currency is worth at least that if not more. I’ve study this thing upside down and sideways …I still find it hard to believe Iraq and the US went through all of this for nothing…] When considering the value of a currency you have to take into account how much is in circulation. Kuwait has about 40 billion dinar in circulation and Iraq around 44 trillion, see the difference. I believe as much as you do that something may well happen…

4-8-2019 Newshound Guru Adam Montana When people see something rising in value, they predictably want to catch that wave… People see other people making profits and want to join in, and again the herd mentality can push a stock or a currency or anything else that is being traded to levels that it shouldn’t actually attain. Eventually the markets will stabilize, as they always do. In Iraq’s case, this is exactly why I lean towards a pegged RV rate opposed to a complete free float on the market. It will be easier for them to control a major change if they also control the fluctuation, and they stand to make enough profits on an RV that they will be better served by taking the profits on a fixed spread rather than trying to “catch it at the top”. A pegged rate, at least initially, will allow them to control and maintain a higher rate. They are doing all this with their actions in their government, and the price of oil going up at a steady and fairly predictable rate gives them the ability to create a solid path to higher profitability. End result? Everything we’re looking for!