Iraqi Dinar Guru opinions 4-3-2020

Iraqi Dinar Guru opinions 4-3-2020

Iraqi Dinar Guru opinions-predictions4-3-2020 Intel Guru RayRen98 This information is coming direct from our Iraqi citizen source… “Iranian militias inside Iraq are threatening all politicians that vote for Zarfi death…they have this up on our billboards…they are starting real trouble for Zarfi and the high ranking officials from Iran were in Iraq all day with their threats too. If Zarfi fails to be appointed then all powers go to Saleh again…he can either nominate another candidate or desolve the parliament all together according to article 64 and call for early elections. April 5 th start back up date for all banking activities in Iraq…”

4-3-2020 Newshound Guru Kaperoni …the CBI has stopped the distribution of dollars through the auctions for the time being due to the economic conditions. As well the CBI has made a statement requesting banks return excess dollars to the CBI. This is necessary to support the dinar during these difficult financial times. In no way is it any indication of any RV/RI…

4-2-2020 Newshound Guru Adam Montana …I still think the GOI can successfully RV at ten cents. It would be most successful with a float, because the ability for IQD to increase more will encourage people to desire IQD over USD because of the opportunity for profits. The USD, after all, is not going to gain in value. Herd mentality kicks in, Iraqi people and outside sources will increase the demand for IQD based on further speculation, and that adds even more value. I do see and agree with some of the logic in the $1.16 argument. I just also see strategic value in a 10 cent + float. With a float, their currency will hold more potential than the USD. But…$1 or higher ($1.16) there is no question – at that rate it is more valuable. Both rates have positive aspects.

4-2-2020 Intel Guru Delta …yesterday there was a very interesting statement from one of the citizens that live in Erbil. He went to this shop to buy stuff and the vendor refused to take dollars. [Guru Frank26 – Isn’t that wonderful. When I read that out of your report I just smiled so big…you think the shop owners know something?] …this is very strange that now gradually, slowly a lot of vendors, they’re not accepting the dollar. They’re just taking dinars. So for you to do that you know that there’s something coming up from the CBI..

4-2-2020 Intel Guru MarkZ [via PDK] I am hearing very encouraging things…they are saying that starting round the 13th or 14th…we may see the release…it could be perfect timing… What if they let this thing go on say…April 12th or 13th…somewhere around there. We hear the US is on some type of lock-down until May 1st. So that could be the perfect timing giving us 2 weeks to get done with exchanges…What would make the most sense to me is for martial law to kick in sometime soon and stay in effect until May 1st. So we will have an extra level of security and safey when we start hitting the banks and redemption centers…just imo…They are keeping the banking side ramped up with the imminant rumors so that they are ready when it does finally go…noone knows the exact timing…all we can do is piece it together based on our contacts, what we are hearing …There is a very small group who know the actual timing on all of this. For obvious reasons they don’t tell us…All we can do is keep hope alive…

4-2-2020 Newshound Guru Pimpy …these billionaires meet in Davos. They meet there once a year. A lot of you guys know about these meetings and Davos…one of these guys is a very influential financial advisor was giving a speech and someone wrote an article about the speech…what the man went on to say was this. He actually made fun of so-called “currency gurus”. He bashed them 7 ways to Sunday. But as soon as he was done bashing them he kindly said afterwards having said all the negative things he said the gurus actually got two of them correctly. He said the Iraqi dinar and the Vietnam dong in his opinion were great investments and thought that some of his people should invest in them as well. He only touched on the two currencies for a fraction of a minute then he went on to…remind everybody that when the Kuwait dinar changed it created a lot of millionaires…there was a bump in the economy and a slight one because it wasn’t as well know as the Iraqi dinar one but it created a lot of millionaires. He said but within 5 months 86% of these millionaires were flat broke. Flat broke…from time to time I read that article again just so I can hear his words so that it reminds me of what NOT to do once the RI or RV hits for our currencies..