Iraqi Dinar Guru opinions 4-27-14

Iraqi Dinar Guru opinions 4-27-14

Iraqi Dinar Guru opinions/predictions4-27-2014 Newshound Guru Adam Montana [I have been wondering about this HCL…what is so magical about it that makes one think that it is any ways connected to the revalue in as much it has been said that even after it is passed there doesn’t necessarily have to be a rate change in the currency? After all is said and done, WHY would there have to be an RV at all?] Well, there doesn’t have to be an RV at all, as you stated. But all the talk about strengthening the value has to mean something! The HCL is “magical” because it paves the way for Iraq to burst out of it’s current situation. It ties in very strongly with the recent progress on transferring money in and out of Iraq, and the CBI opening up for additional account holders (aka brokers) to facilitate money transfers. …if you’re asking my opinion – all this recent news is extremely good for someone holding onto dinar with the hopes that the value will rise.

4-27-2014 Intel Guru Frank26 [Shabibi always wanted a stable government. Would it be prudent to wait until after the elections are finished and they have a seated government?] No. Elections have nothing to do with the MR [Monetary Reform]. CBI awaits nothing from GOI. Laws just waiting to be enacted.

4-27-2014 Newshound/Intel Guru BGG [Do you feel in your opinion no RV until after the elections?] I still have some hope for a “pre-election” event…not as much as before – but they vote on Wed…we’re in the thick of things now…and like I said a while back – it won’t matter who is elected – this is a very public topic. Currency reform is NOT GOING AWAY. Currency Reform is a very public, urgent topic…it will be a top priority. Not sure how it will all play out – but things are sure heating up now.

4-26-2014 Newshound Guru Aggiedad77 Article: “Central bank: seven Lebanese banks have opened branches in Iraq” During the banking conference this week between Iraq and Lebanon it was announced that Lebanon has opened 7 banks in Iraq…these banks bring up to date technology that can be used to help other banks design similar technologies.

4-26-2014 Newshound Guru Aggiedad77 Article: “Bank of Lebanon: Iraqi our banks have entered the market to achieve the quality of financial boom and check frequently to avoid money laundering” The Lebanese banks are opening in Iraq to take advantage of the financial boom and they claim they will help against money laundering activities…as I said earlier…they are in Iraq also to make money…make no mistake….the bottom dollar is of vital interest to them…and they see low hanging fruit for the picking in Iraq at this time…they see good things turning to great things….they envision an Iraq on the move….on the grow….and they want to be a part of that…the Lebanese are not the only fish in the sea with advanced technological know-how…they are just one of many players.

4-26-2014 Newshound Guru Stryker […is there a chance that this RV…will occur this weekend or by Wednesday April 30th?] I don’t think it will accrue until after the election because in my opinion election month is not the right timing for an event like this. The CBI is in charge of monetary system for Iraq…The CBI has made great progress in preparing Iraq for a relaunch into the international stage of business.

4-26-2014 Newshound Guru Stryker The Iraqi Economic Reform Committee has a clear and defined plan but the new government needs to be behind this plan and that is another reason it will not take place before hand. Watch what’s going on in the Elections, what the CBI is doing, and where the frozen money could be heading too. Iraq has every law amended or approved to get this done but they must implement them beforehand.

4-26-2014 Intel Guru Delta FROM IRAQIA TV COM ANNOUNNCE THAT SUN TO THUR WILL BE AN OFFICAL HOLIDAY? What I find very interesting is that the COM announced this holiday. If I remember correctly, only the GOI has announced holidays in the past. A break in pattern? Hmmm. S [Shabibi] always wanted a 3 day holiday. So, if 1day is for elections, 3 days to ri/rv…that makes the 5th day to announce and celebrate? I’m beginning to see this picture clearly now! Exciting times, indeed!!!