Iraqi Dinar Guru opinions 3-10-2024

Iraqi Dinar Guru opinions 3-10-2024

Iraqi Dinar Guru opinions-predictions3-10-2024 Intel Guru Frank26 [Iraq boots-on-the-ground report] FIREFLY: Sudani is going to Washington in April about getting controversy of Iraqi allies and Washington.

3-10-2024 Intel Guru MarkZ [via PDK] Question: So is this the month? MarkZ: I very much think this could be our month, I do not have a magical ball…but going back to the Simply Linn bank story and remind you that bank manager said he does not know the timing but know it’s soon. And we may know before they do.

3-9-2024 Intel Guru Frank26 In November, December we started sending you [to the banks]. You came back with, oh, man they don’t know nothing. They say it’s a scam. Even the banks you bought the dinars from say it’s a scam. Then in January we started to see a different trend. It was more like, just go away. Last month we started to see them talking a little bit more and then toward the end of the month I said to you banks in Iraq can start answering questions of the Iraqi citizens…now you see what’s going on.

3-9-2024 Newshound Guru Pimpy Does Iraq have the potential to have a more valuable currency than Kuwait? Yeah absolutely…They have way more resources. As a matter of fact…Iraq is in the top 5 worldwide for the most resources. So, yeah, they have the potential to be there. There just not there yet…They have a lot more things to export than Kuwait does but they have to get past these hurdles. I think they will.

3-9-2024 Newshound Guru Militia Man They’re not stopping. We don’t have a date and rate but we can see the progress is before us…They’re gearing to move Iraq to the private sector and to open up to the world…There’s going to be money to be made and there’s going to be a lot of it…

3-9-2024 Newshound Guru Samson Article: “Iraq is the fourth in the Arab world and the 30th in the world in the reserves of Yellow Resonant” [Gold]

3-9-2024 Newshound Guru Paulette Question: “I thought they met all the requirements [to join the WTO]?” All the articles say they have legislation that needs to be passed and the next meeting is in the “middle of the year.

3-9-2024 Intel Guru Frank26 In my opinion the Iraqi dinar is going through an internal float…Something is going on.

3-9-2024 Newshound Guru Sandy Ingram Vietnam Dong (VND): The reason for such a low rate is the transition from a centralized economy to a market-based one…We learned [Vietnam had] over 3 million international arrivals in the first 2 months of 2024, an increase of 68.7% year-on-year according to data released by The General Statistics Office.

3-9-2024 Newshound Guru Pimpy We’re staying grounded…about the possibility of getting a huge payday. Remember it’s only a possibility, just like there’s a possibility they could re-denominate before they change the exchange rate…Re-denomination has nothing to do with the exchange rate. We want the exchange rate to change, not the Iraqi currency to delete the zeros. We don’t want that to happen…Stop rooting for the deletion of the zeros. You don’t want that to happen.

3-9-2024 Intel Guru MarkZ Bank Story via Simply Linn: In a nutshell – a guy goes to a chase bank and they know nothing…. He goes to another and sits down with a personal banker who asked him what assets he had… and the guy says he has foreign currency…dinar and dong…they bring in a wealth manager… Whose eyes light up and the wealth manager shared some serious details about exchanging and the QFS…they suggested to him to exchange out of his area for anonymity and security and to avoid local tellers talking about his exchange.

3-9-2024 Intel Guru MarkZ I thought this was brilliant and I plan on doing that as well. Not exchanging in my town. Anonymity is a good thing to have. He also mentioned our funds go into special accounts…When the man asked if it was the QFS – the lady smiled and nodded and said it was account that no one else can see it…even tellers will not be able to see it. Very safe. …they also said they do now know “when” but know it’s coming soon and they have been preparing for it and equipped to exchange it right in front of your eyes…and there will be armed guards while you do the exchange. This was a fantastic bank story.

3-9-2024 Newshound Guru Militia Man Hypothetically the United States has lets say 5 to 10 trillion dinar. We have a nation debt of $30+ trillion. If the US is sitting on 5 to 10 trillion dinar, if they [Iraq] come back to a previous era which they say they are going to do…they talk about about $3.22…If they apply the Real Effective Exchange Rate to the Iraqi dinar based off their natural resources, not based off a punishment rate from the war era, not just based off of oil. Iraq’s $3.22 was based off primarily oil. Now it’s a different situation… [This would dramatically help the US with their debt] Iraq has a lot of gold…oil…religious tourism…

3-9-2024 Intel Guru Frank26 IMO They’ve already deleted the three zeros from the exchange rate. IMO that exchange rate came from the RV phase of the monetary reform that was accepted in Washington DC and all these other banks. That’s why Sudani has thousands and thousands of contracts all waiting for the new exchange rate.

RESERVES” Quote: “Iraq maintained its ranking of 30th globally out of the 100 countries listed in the table with the largest gold reserves…” Yet the IQD is still 1/6 of a penny?