Iraqi Dinar Guru opinions 12-10-18

Iraqi Dinar Guru opinions 12-10-18

Iraqi Dinar Guru opinions-predictions12-10-2018 Intel Guru Delta …it looks like the Central Bank of Iraq, they got 100% linked to International Banking. The Central Bank to the BIS. They are now linked to the Forex. Everything is set up from the Central Bank of Iraq and the Iraqi Market is effecting that. Remember the Iraqi Stock Exchange, they didn’t change the plan and they are supposed to go international BEFORE END OF THIS YEAR. And they have to be in NASDAQ. So they need those fractional numbers. So for the Iraqi Market to show those fractional numbers, that gives you indication that the Central Bank of Iraq, they are about to raise the rate. I’m talking about any moment now, based on this information.

12-10-2018 Newshound/Intel Guru RVAlready Once the LDs were printed, the last physical impediment to the RV was removed. Assuming that the US treasury, Trump, and the IMF are ready, the CBI can now release at a moment’s notice. Thus, there is finally some possibility that this might be done by the end of the week. Before now, every time someone said “by Monday, or by Friday” it was almost impossible, because the LDs had not even been printed. …they were recently printed. It has been announced…a few weeks back…Allaq was showing them off.

12-10-2018 Intel Guru Frank26 Due to the fact that they are showing these “slots,” you know these digital “slots numbers” available, it means that they have calculated international numbers. Now, the rate has to do the same thing by announcing that they did this with the CBI’s REER numbers. The Real numbers. …I mean 43 Trillion all year? Then all of the sudden 1 Trillion in one month? My goodness gracious, the rate has to be pretty doggone high for 1 Trillion to equal 43 Trillion.

12-9-2018 Newshound Guru MilitiaMan Article: “The 2018 Annual Conference of the Central Bank of Iraq …. The harvest of achievements and the start of the development process for the year 2019″ Quotes: “The conference comes at this time, The ministerial cab of the new government and the start of the process of economic reform and economic stability…”; “…the Central Bank re-evaluated and classified banks in accordance with international standards…as well as establishing the deposit guarantee company in order to raise the savings rate at banks and reduce the percentage of housekeeping in the economy and thus activate the economy through activating investment…” A dandy of an article.. …And it looks as though they’ll legitimize the Cab, as in pronto per Sadr! – imo I wonder if they mean where they say delivering their achievements means they have delivered their new currency too…??? Inter-bank style between Central Banks??

12-9-2018 Newshound/Intel Guru David M. Witty Schedule for Iraqi Parliament’s meeting today does not contain a vote on unfilled cabinet positions. Still no political agreement on nominees.

12-9-2018 Newshound Guru Breitling …We are kicking butt and taking names in Iraq. Don’t get too stuck on $55 [price per barrel] that it has to be there. I say you change the value of the currency before that but that’s just me…If it goes below…what they need for price per barrel for the country to function…they’re definitely going to need to add value to their currency to be able to make up for that…This is the language coming out of the committees…they are looking at being able to do business with the west. And they’re looking at sidetracking any policy that OPEC gets together and we’ll see what they do. No body knows what they’ll do. This is the language. The other thing is ok, they’re in the…western markets, ‘why don’t we start adding value to our currency so we can get that much more into our markets.’ Do you see what I’m saying? That’s what they’re talking about. That’s the language that they’re using. How they’ll do it? When they’ll do it? [He doesn’t know either] But everything is in place exactly what we’ve been talking about. We’re watching it like we’re supposed to and that’s all we can do. I’m very very happy about what’s going on…

12-9-2018 Intel Guru Delta Now you have to ask yourself, where is the Central Bank of Iraq getting those numbers from? The Fractional numbers. …where is the Iraqi Market getting those fractions from? Like 1193.853. Where are they bringing those .853? The ONLY way they can do that is they have to be linked internationally to be able to do that! …So, that gives you indication that the Central Bank of Iraq should show the numbers today or tomorrow, this week, or next week, whatever it is. But the numbers have to show up…they have to plug in now the Iraqi exchange rate…they’re going to show us the numbers. Those fractional numbers, they’re not made for the CBI. Those basic rates, calculated, based on the international numbers and this is really very significant.