Iraqi Dinar Guru opinions 11-16-16

Iraqi Dinar Guru opinions 11-16-16

Iraqi Dinar Guru opinions-predictions11-16-2016 Intel Guru Bruce A lot has happened. It is the 15th, and normally we get the UN Operational rates on the 15th. What happened yesterday in preparation for that, the screens maybe it was the front screens of the banking institutions in the United States, Canada, and Mexico, meaning North America, all went dark. They went dark maybe not all day but for hours for a period of time they went black. Why? It was because the rates were being updated, reinstalled onto the screens…It not only happened in North America, but at some point in the afternoon or last night it happened around the world. All the banks around the world were reinstalling the rates. That never happened before. I think it is an important event that took place. Today [the 15th], the United Nations Operational rates were supposed to be effective on this date. So far we are waiting for that to occur. Maybe there been some rate changes.

11-16-2016 Intel Guru Bruce When it comes to Iraq, Iraq over the weekend was having firework displays throughout the country. Those fireworks have gone off the last 2 to 3 days. They are in celebration mode. Also we have heard today that there was a rate change made in Iraq sometime early this morning [Tuesday] about 4:30 am EST. It indicated a higher, much higher rate on the dinar. I don’t know what the rate is, but it is higher than we thought the dinar was. The rate itself is made public as far as I know. Let’s see how that manifests.

11-16-2016 Intel Guru Bruce I just want to give you a bit of…Intel that I am getting…we are understanding that there is a couple of people in Iraq, Assistant Director to Shabibi were indicating Iraqi dinar found a new value against the dollar and is coming out much higher than previous rates…reinforcing the Iraqi value has changed and is in position to be a much stronger currency and much higher than it was before the Iraqi war…we are in super position for this to come through at any moment.

11-15-2016 Newshound Guru firefly So, am I excited that the CBI told us the lifting the 3 zeros from the marketplace will begin in early 2017? You better believe I am…

11-15-2016 Newshound Guru BGG …we can hang on for 47 days…but it may not even go THAT LONG.

11-15-2016 Newshound Guru Kaperoni Article: “Reasons to delete three zeros from the Iraqi dinar and what it means to delete the zeros from currency” Quote: “Start procedures to delete three zeros from the currency in 2017″ The good news is it looks like we will see something happening in just a month or so.

11-15-2016 Newshound Guru firefly …what the lifting of the 3 zero notes means…All they are doing is removing them from the market place…hence “the lifting of the 3 zeros”…so if the removing them from the marketplace begins in early 2017…Logic would tell us they would need to have a value for the lower denoms to hit the streets right… BEFORE they are removed… The CBI told you they will coincide with the lowered denoms for 10 yrs.

11-15-2016 Intel Guru ADMINBILL Reports continue to be positive with information pointing from any minute through the inauguration. News from Iraq remains positive with reports that the small denominations are in use and being given as change…they are to be issued soon. Whether this occurs this week or next is not relevant. Seeing a completion of the process is all we ask..

11-15-2016 Newshound/Intel Guru BGG Adding value is a part of the “note removal” process…without value – why would anyone want to carry a smaller denomination (No zero notes)? I am skeptical about 1st Q 2017 – them telling everyone doesn’t make a lot of sense – unless they do it earlier than that…AND they’ve already said it will BEGIN in early 2017. That’s only 47 days away…

11-15-2016 Newshound Guru Kaperoni Interesting fact, the dinar has already appreciated from its original value released in 2003. According to reports, back in October 2003 the Dinar exchange rate was well over 1600 to $1. In pretty short order it appreciated (4-6 months) down to 1170 to $1. This first phase of appreciation was to counter the effects of inflation in Iraq that was well over 38% as oil production began post war. I believe the plan was designed to again raise the value to counter the effects of the launch of a private sector or market economy.

11-15-2016 Newshound Guru Kaperoni It has been some 13 years and Iraq still has not created with much success a private sector/market economy. So the Dinar waits. Iraq remains today about 93% dependent on oil production. 2017 seems to be the year Iraq plans to launch such a market economy. Time will tell. In order to do so, Iraq must create the conditions. Some of which are laws for investors, stability, and a sound banking system. Once it’s internationally recognized, convertible and traded, the dinar will rise based on supply & demand. Some may sell at 1 cent…Others may wait until 10 cents, and still others may wait until it is much higher. The Dinar will become eventually just like any other currency, bought and sold throughout the global banking system.

11-14-2016 Newshound Guru wmawhite Article quote: “…an official at the Central Bank of Iraq and stressed that the Iraqi dinar will be the vital currency in global stock markets…” …do…you remember from a couple months ago the ISX stating that they intended to be available to global investing in early 2017. [Yes…i sure do…] Well, well , well…1+1=2.

11-15-2016 Intel Guru Frank26 2017 is the time when they will introduce the LOWER DENOMS…but it NEEDS A NEW RATE. [Guru] Delta told me…this was being introduced with great confidence to the citizens…RED ALERT! Dec 7th, 2016 the IMF board will do a review of lifting the 3 zeros. Saleh says we will delete the 3 zeros…from the exchange rate. “We will DELETE the 3 zeros from the payment of the dinar in Iraq.” THAT IS HUGE! But…they have to RAISE THE VALUE OF THEIR CURRENCY FIRST! They even said that the LOWER DENOMS will exist parallel with them for the next 10 years! Yes…they must change the VALUE BEFORE the new notes…as to not confuse the citizens..

11-15-2016 Intel Guru Frank26 IMO – this month…November 2016…up until December 2016…I believe they need to change the value of their currency for 2017. From November 7th to December 7th – these are the golden periods that the IMF works with the CBI…and we will see if there is a change before 2017. IMO – does this not show they are in Article 8 compliance? The rate may be…10 to 20 cents…but their goal is to get to 1 to 1…THIS YEAR…2016…that way it can be introduced to the INTERNATIONAL community at 1 to 1 by the 1st of the year. THE RATE HAS TO CHANGE BEFORE JANUARY for any of this to have LIFE.