Iraqi Dinar Guru opinions 1-21-2024

Iraqi Dinar Guru opinions 1-21-2024

Iraqi Dinar Guru opinions-predictions1-21-2024 Newshound/Intel Guru Frank26 Article “The International Monetary Fund welcomes Iraq’s accession to a program that supports economic reforms” All I could say was Holy cow! That’s huge. The IMF, remember who they are. They are the one who give Iraq/CBI permission to raise or lower the value of their currency, to print or to destroy currency. Everything they do in their banking structure is governed by the IMF…This is the announcement by the IMF that Iraq is international.

1-20-2024 Newshound Guru Paulette Community Comment “We’ve been told in the last couple of weeks that we may only have 30 days to exchange, no one knows….and that we may not be able to take advantage of any float…” I don’t think the 30 days is a probability. It certainly may be a possibility. I hope not for MANY reasons…This is a speculative investment.

1-20-2024 Newshound Guru Militia Man .0006 or .0007 as far as exchange rates concerned, when they drop the 3 zeros off of that it makes a big difference. Do a little math. Get a calculator and see what the difference is when you have .0007 to the dollar and you drop those 3 zeros and see what the calculation is. You can see there’s a big difference…It’s phenomenal wonderful stuff.

1-20-2024 Intel Guru Frank26 Question “How long will it take for the US to update the IQD price?” Instantly, the moment the CBI pulls the switch on the new exchange rate. It’s electronic. It pops up everywhere.


1-20-2024 Newshound Guru Pimpy Article “Unshackling the Iraqi dinar…Iraq possesses over 100 billion in reserves parked at the US banks rendering it dependent on US officials goodwill” I was speaking about this before, the United States has to approve most everything the Iraqi government does, which means Iraq is not in a good position. The reason for that is they have to do whatever the American government wants…You think they are going to have what’s best for the Iraqi people? No. They’re more interested in these big corporations and doing what they can do to hold down the value of the Iraqi dinar…

1-20-2024 Intel Guru Frank26 [Iraq boots-on-the-ground report] FIREFLY: Banking news today on Channel One for the first time ever they’re telling us our bank in Iraq have recorded assets over 200 trillion dollars. News says accounts are up all over the place. FRANK: I kept telling you, you have no idea how much they have to back up their currency. That’s just assets. You also have futures in the ground, contracts that have been signed, supply and demand of the basket…I get the chills thinking about the power of this nation.

1-20-2024 Newshound Guru Clare Article “For the first time…the assets of Iraqi banks record an unprecedented number” quote “the volume of assets of Iraqi banks operating in Iraq amounted to more than 202 trillion dinars, which is the first time that it has exceeded the barrier of 200 trillion dinars.”

1-20-2024 Newshound Guru Militia Man Sudani…I think he’s right when he says 2024 is going to be a year of achievement…We haven’t seen the spending of the ’23 budget yet nor have we se a pumping of that oil just yet and nor have we seen a full-blown assession to the World Trade Organization yet. Why is that? Because we probably have to wait to hear what they have to say when it comes to a Real Effective Exchange Rate. Hopefully that’s what we’ll see…in a very very short period of time.

1-20-2024 Intel Guru MarkZ [via PDK] Comment: Vietnam is sitting really pretty in their economy. They are main processors of silver! And get this, Cinnamon! MarkZ: News from Vietnam: “Vietnam treads the path to becoming an International Financial Hub” There is a lot of pressure from countries around the world for Vietnam to move their currency value up. Great things happening there.

1-20-2024 Intel Guru Frank26 [Hypothetical conversation with the CBI] The next phase is to put our currency [dinar] in a basket. We have control of it do we not? It’s all the way down to 1310/1320 so close to 1200 or 1000. We have control of the auctions have we not? Yes. We have control over our reserves have we not? Yes. You have it all…These other currencies don’t mind going in a basket with you? No. They know by going into that basket supply and demand will be called upon for everyone in the basket…Iraq is the prettiest girl in town.

1-20-2024 Newshound/Intel Guru Mnt Goat So, how long will us investors in the IQD have to wait before Iraq is allowed to liberate its own currency? Why do I say “now is the time”? We know they are completely out of Chapter VII sanctions since December 2022…We know they want the Iraq funds (nearly USD 115+ billion) released from the NY banks and put in their custody…We know they have plans for yet more Sovereign Funds to invest their reserves. We know they are making agreements now for “currency swaps” for trade…as Iraq will no longer be using any US dollars in Iraq as of January 1st 2024. We know that the IMF is now working on the final stages of pulling together agreements to build a new basket of six (6) currencies to re-peg the IQD. More pressure from Iraqi economics advisors to the government to use a “basket” of currencies for the new dinar peg. This is the IMF plan of 2011 all along.

1-20-2024 Newshound/Intel Guru Mnt Goat We know since January they have undertaken a massive “de-dollarization” program and told it should have taken 6 years but they decided to do it in 1 year (2023). Why such a hurry? We know the value of the IQD right now does exceed even pre-1991 era but still at 1/6 of a penny for a rate? The value won’t go up, its already there… Why is it being suppressed? Iraq needs to see a rate reflecting the TRUE VALUE. What is holding it back? We know Iraq now pumps 2/3 more oil than in pre-1991 era. Iraq also has announced 132+ tons of GOLD reserves. We know they are pushing this year alone, more than any other year since 2005, for the passing of Oil and Gas law. Why? We know for a FACT that it is the U.S. through the Treasury Dept. direction that will NOT give sign-off to allow the reinstatement. Why?

1-20-2024 Newshound/Intel Guru Mnt Goat Finally, the CBI has told us many times already that January is the most opportune time to reinstate for accounting purposes, since it begins their new FISCAL year (for accounting purposes). Imminent World Trade Organization full accession. Just be patient, the reinstatement is coming and I firmly believe from what we now know there is a very strong likelihood we NOT are going to be at the banks in early 2024 but there is still strong hope for early part of the new year. There is no guarantees and so no one really knows a date when the event will occur. Let’s just follow the FACTS and see where they lead us…okay? Iraq is full of surprises and so anything is possible.