Iraq will return to the “seventh item” and international tutelage for this reason .. “The Independent” speaks

Iraq will return to the “seventh item” and international tutelage for this reason .. “The Independent” speaks

Thursday , 21 November 2019 at 12:36

Iraq will return to the seventh item and international tutelage for this reason - The Independent speaksBaghdad / Sky Press

Legal experts confirmed today that there is a possibility of Iraq’s return to international tutelage and inclusion under Article VII of the Charter of the United Nations, with the escalation of demonstrations and increasing cases of repression of protesters.

According to a report by the British Independent newspaper published today, legal experts suggested the possibility of Iraq’s return to Article VII of the Charter of the United Nations and international trustees after the Iraqi government suppressed the ongoing protests in the capital Baghdad and other cities, while stressing that “this will affect the political and economic situation of the country.”

The report added that “the situation in Iraq has reached a stage that can not be overlooked by the international community, where a legal expert, that the possibility of Iraq’s return to Chapter VII and international trusteeship is expected, as a result of serious violations of human rights contrary to international documents and agreements, all justifications for the return to Chapter VII. “.

He explained that “the government refers to a third party killing the demonstrators, an attempt to exonerate itself before the international community, but this does not work since it is the responsibility of the state to protect the demonstrators,” noting that “the return of Iraq to Chapter VII will lead to disaster, because it makes the government weak and not They have the right to conclude agreements and even legislate laws. ”

With regard to the possibility of forming a government of national salvation, the report pointed out that “such a government can be formed only after the return of the state to international tutelage, and crimes committed against the demonstrators do not fall by the statute of limitations and this justification for the return to international tutelage.”

As for the economic effects in the event of the return of the government to international tutelage, a legal expert, that “the decisions of the State will be subject to international will, and withholding its money and return to the oil-for-food agreements.”

The report pointed out that “international positions on what is going on, is meager and does not match the magnitude of the crisis in the country.”

For his part, said politician, Hamid al-Mutlaq, “Iraq’s return to international tutelage is possible, after the Iraqi government those violations against protesters,” noting that “the Iraqi nation has reached a level of difficulty to be overlooked by Western governments that will intervene, as it wants to Iraq remains under its control. ”

The political analyst, Sarmad al-Bayati, did not rule out that Iraq be returned to Article VII, pointing out that “the United States is monitoring what has been happening in Iraq since the outbreak, but perhaps they will bargain with the government or they will present it to the Security Council to return Iraq to Chapter VII.”

Al-Bayati stressed that “the protesters are demanding the exit of all the political class, but there is no clear coordination or paths they specify to implement their demands. Before the government. ”

Chapter VII of the Charter of the United Nations deals with acts committed in situations of threats to peace and aggression. Chapter 13 contains, inter alia, Article 44, which provides that “if the Security Council decides to use force, it shall, before requesting an unrepresented member, The armed forces, in fulfillment of the obligations set forth in article 43, shall invite such member to participate, if he so desires, in the decisions he makes in respect of the use of units of such armed forces.

Iraq had entered under the provisions of Chapter VII of the Charter of the United Nations under resolution 660 of the Security Council on the second of August 1990, hours after its invasion of Kuwait, and the Iraqi Foreign Ministry announced the exit of Iraq from Chapter VII of the Charter of the United Nations in December 21017, This was after the Security Council issued resolution 2390, stressing that the parties (Iraq and the United Nations) have implemented the measures imposed in accordance with Chapter VII under resolutions 1958 in 2010 and resolution 2335 in 2016.