Iraq Receives 14 million U.S. shell and 7000 pieces of weapons and waiting for “F-16″ and Apache

Iraq Receives 14 million U.S. shell and 7000 pieces of weapons and waiting for “F-16″ and Apache

23/04/2014 12:03

Iraq Receives 14 million US shell and 7000 pieces of weapons and waiting for F-16 and ApacheAgencies – The Office of the security cooperation between the United States and Iraq for Baghdad received 14 million shell as well as seven thousand pieces of weapons, pointing to the continued shipment of arms.
He held head office of security cooperation Michael Bednarek government actions responsibility for the delay in the arrival of weapons to Iraq, explaining that there is a need to implement a number of military and security procedures and financial implementation of projects aircraft armament Apache and others.

He said in a press statement: “We are ahead of schedule on the delivery of weapons, but there are weapons armament programs linked to long-term, such as Apache helicopters, known as the largest attack aircraft.”

Iraq has signed a year ago and a half to get 24 aircraft, including six aircraft will be leased, and before the arrival in Iraq must be the disbursement of funds from the Ministry of Finance and transferred to the central bank and then to the U.S. Federal Reserve to start being built.

He added that the project is still on the table for discussion at the Office of the Adjutant General in the Ministry of Defense and Army Aviation, “We have said that the implementation of the procedures will make the aircraft up to Iraq after nine months.”

He guessed Bednarik access F-16 aircraft to Iraq in September next in the case was prepared Balad Air Base.

“We are working closely with the Ministry of Defense and the Office of the Prime Minister to convert the amounts required for the purpose of preparation of Balad Air Base to receive these aircraft.”

He continued, “It’s a more complex issue of preparation airstrip to the fact that the base facilities country invalid. Nor must the infrastructure and security measures, one of the important things.”

The U.S. official denied that there will be U.S. pilots to lead the Apache helicopters or F-16, but has been developing a program to train pilots and maintenance professionals from the Iraqis.

He disclosed that the United States supplied Iraq with three balloons surveillance and reconnaissance and is still awaiting approval by the security ministries to equip seven other balloons. G / H