Iraq plans to restore money smuggled through Interpol

Iraq plans to restore money smuggled through Interpol

Posted 29/12/2014 10:31 AM

Iraq plans to restore money smuggled through InterpolThe Iraqi government, about the direction of the restoration of Iraqi funds smuggled over the past 40 years through the International Police (Interpol), confirming its monitoring of some banks deposited where these amounts.

Economic Adviser in the Council of Ministers, said the appearance of Mohammed Saleh, said that “the government intends to pursue an Iraqi funds were smuggled over the last 40 years abroad,” noting that “the purpose of this work to restore it to it the king of the Iraqi state.”

Saleh continued in remarks to the newspaper “New Morning”, “The first stage begins to limit the money and then move them through the International Police (Interpol),” noting that “Baghdad will take advantage of international support and openness that happened during the past few months to support their efforts.”

He predicted in favor of “the cooperation of all the relevant authorities, whether international or domestic in this aspect.”

According to the government’s economic adviser does not have the “statistics on smuggled money,” adding, “but the amounts of money too can support the national economy,” stressing “the keenness of the Council of Ministers returned in full.”

He cautioned that “some of the money smuggled known place of deposit, as we have doubts about the other part”, refusing to identify “certain places have been monitored so as not to run away again,” saying only that it “distributed to all parts of the world and there is no limitation in a given country or continent “.

Saleh completed that “some of the money that was taken out of Iraq illegally names and fictitious companies, but we do what we can in order to access them.”