Iraq participates in the Rio +20 World

Iraq participates in the Rio +20 World   Baghdad (news) .. The support of the UNDP delegation of the Iraqi private sector and government in the Rio +20 Conference on Sustainable Development held in Brazil.

This forum was attended by the delegation of trade sustainability organized by the United Nations Global Compact in order to raise the contribution of the private sector in sustainable development and strengthening of responsible business practices and encourage innovation and strengthen cooperation and partnership between companies, governments, civil society and the United Nations.   A statement from the Office of the motherland United in races (UNAMI) has received the Agency (news) copy of it: The Forum 2,700 of leaders in business and representatives of various governments, investors, academics and activists effective working at the community level from all over the world. The Forum discussed six topics central to the Rio +20 Conference is the energy, climate, water, ecosystems and agriculture, food and social development and to live in the cities and the economy and money.   The statement added, called the Iraqi delegation to provide interventions for business, peace and economic empowerment of women and green development and comprehensive in agriculture through the partnership between the private and public sector. The Forum concluded high-level session on the Keywords attended by Secretary-General of the Council of Ministers, with the approval of trade obligations and provide feedback to the summit of the Rio Conference 20 + world.   The statement noted: Collection of the most important thing mentioned in the discussion of this forum in the document “provides an overview and the results of: innovation, collaboration, policy recommendations, and commitments to work” by the Secretary-General of the United Nations Ban – Ki-moon, submitting at the summit.   And the statement that the hearing on the Iraq experience in the field of sustainable development in Iraq submitted a report on sustainable development and the Iraqi Ministry of Planning Pthouderh. Session was given this opportunity to discuss the role of the private sector in Iraq, including the partnership between the private and public sector and the translation of the commitments of the Rio 20 + for a sustainable development activities to be implemented in the real Iraq.