Iraq is looking to get out of Chapter VII, after making progress with Kuwait

30/04/2012 19:57

Erbil, April 30 / April (Rn) – revived the hopes of Iraq out of Chapter VII of the United Nations after it has made ​​progress politically significant from the point of convergence with its neighbor, South Kuwait dissolved to some extent the tension between the two countries against the backdrop of problems due to a whole period of the Iraqi invasion of Kuwait. The Iraqi forces invaded Kuwait in 1990 under the command of former Iraqi President Saddam Hussein, who was regarded as Kuwait Iraqi province. except that the survival of the Iraqi army there did not last only six months when it launched an international force led by the U.S. military operation and the extensive and established the United Nations Iraq under Chapter VII and as a threat to international peace and security. but it was not insufficient to return the situation to what it was, but left several pending issues between Iraq and Kuwait, the most important of the debt owed ​​by Baghdad due to the invasion and the demarcation of the border and the missing Kuwaitis and joint oil fields and the National Archives of Kuwait and others.and the exchange of the leaders of the two countries during the period the past few official visits and they have to activate a joint committee to discuss the outstanding issues as a prelude to find solutions to them, raising hopes of Iraq to get rid of international sanctions. This convergence push member Economic Committee in the Iraqi Council of Representatives Hussein Almrobei to ask Baghdad to speed up in the output of the country from Chapter VII. He said in a statement that “Iraq has met all the resolutions of the Security Council is now ready to get out from under Chapter VII, after its approval the law of the Iraqi National Monitoring to prevent the proliferation of weapons of mass destruction and the settlement of the large size of its debt, in addition to its agreement with the State of Kuwait to resolve the outstanding issues, including the item VII, which is turned off now on the approval of out of it. ” and calls for Kuwait Iraq to fulfilling its obligations towards them as a condition for agreeing to get out of Baghdad from Chapter VII of the UN Security Council. It is possible to affect recent rapprochement between the two sides on the decision taken by the UN Security Council in June next on the possibility of the withdrawal of Iraq from Chapter VII. believe Almrobei he was “not fair that only the Security Council to encourage Iraq and urged him to settle disputes with Kuwait without interference after practice right fiercest and most comprehensive formulas to intervene in the history of the United Nations.” He says, “It is a paradox unique when said was left of the conditionalities of Chapter VII only outstanding issues with Kuwait and was hoped by all parties to facilitate the restoration of Iraq’s position in the world after 2003. ” Iraq has been under since 1990 under Chapter VII of the Charter of the United Nations imposed after the invasion of Kuwait in August of the same year . This allows the item to use force against Iraq as a threat to international security, in addition to large amounts of frozen assets of financial international banks for the payment of compensation to those affected by the invasion of Kuwait. consists debt of Kuwait to Iraq from the losses suffered by the oil sector in Kuwait in addition to the losses damage to government ministries and buildings during the invasion of Iraq. Baghdad says that the continued subordination of Iraq to Chapter VII, “restricts the country and affect its independence.” The two sides reached Iraq and Kuwait during the visit of Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki of Kuwait on 14 March for a deal worth $ 500 million to settle the debt back to the Gulf War was to prevent Iraqi Airways of conduct trips to the West. The agreement by Iraq to pay $ 300 million in cash to Kuwait to be invested another $ 200 million in airline Kuwaiti-Iraqi operation in return stop Kuwait legal action against Iraqi Airways. said Kuwait’s ambassador to Iraq said on Monday that the Emir of Kuwait will pay a visit to Baghdad at the end of this year to discuss outstanding issues between the two countries. and said to the insured during a news conference during his visit to the city of Karbala with the delegation of investment Kuwaiti and a number of members of the National Assembly that “the Kuwaiti government is working to improve relations with Iraq and returned to the pre-1980 when he was Iraqis enter Kuwait without a visa (Visa), “noting that” what he did to the former regime in Kuwait does not assume the sins the people of Iraq. ” and “We have faith in investing in Karbala, Najaf and Basra as our investment in the Kurdistan region because we want a close relationship with Iraq based on common interests and trade to serve the two countries. ” He insured that Kuwait “does not currently looking for the demarcation of the border with Iraq as it works to restore relations again,” explaining that “the Emir of Kuwait will pay during the last quarter of the year 2012 a visit to Baghdad to discuss The files that the outstanding issues with Iraq in the hope of prompting the United Nations to lift sanctions on Iraq as it has been applied to him the direction of its neighbor Kuwait. “following up by saying “our part, we confirm that Iraq has fulfilled what he has obligations despite the presence of some of the paragraphs that have been agreed upon with the Government Center during meetings of the depth was held yesterday in Baghdad. ” But it seems that the Department of optimists on this progress does not include everyone, where called for an MP for the Iraqi bloc of free high Nassif Ministerial Committee formed to resolve differences between Iraq and Kuwait, not to deal with resolution 833 as a “fait accompli”. said Nassif in a statement “must be a priority of the Committee of Ministers not to recognize the resolution 833 which was under which the demarcation of the border between Iraq and Kuwait unfairly forced to accept the former regime because of his defeat in the 1991 war and fear for the office which made ​​him ready to offer any concessions.” and added that “the the duty of the Committee of Ministers to inform the Iraqi people to any agreements entered into with the Kuwaiti side, and explain every detail related to these agreements. ” She said that “the eyes of Iraqis-oriented business to be accomplished by this committee and the efforts that Stbzlha to end the outstanding problems between the parties and to serve the interest of Iraq” , noting that “the Commission will bear the consequences of any error which may occur.” The Nassif indicate to the Commission conducted a joint Kuwaiti-Iraqi in Baghdad on Wednesday a second round of negotiations to resolve outstanding issues.Abdullah Sabri