Iraq and Kuwait seek to overcome the effects of past

Iraq and Kuwait seek to overcome the effects of past   Babinaoz (Reuters) – The Secretary General of the Arab Media Forum and Chairman of the Kuwaiti Association for Media and Communication past Thursday Abdullah, Kuwait that Iraq sought to overcome the effects of the past left behind by Saddam’s dictatorial regime.   He said Thursday that the family participate in the celebration of anniversary of the Iraqi journalist (142) of the National Press Holiday in Iraq 28 of this month comes in the framework of concern for the strengthening of media cooperation between the two countries.   The Thursday in a press statement was delighted to receive the invitation of the Kuwaiti media the Iraqi Journalists Union to participate in this event, which takes from the date of issuance of the first Iraqi newspaper (Zora), in 1869 a national event to celebrate the anniversary every year.   It was announced that welcomed this invitation, which I consider positive steps that come within the framework of the keenness of Kuwait and Iraqi sides to strengthen cooperation and improve mutual relations by participating in such events that combine neighboring countries.   He said Thursday that “the Arab Media Forum was initiated last year   Launch of the “Forum of Kuwait Iraqi First” which brought together a group of media professionals, journalists and writers in both countries and saw the participation of an official of the Foreign Ministers and the media Kuwaitis, in addition to the ambassadors of two countries, noting that the Forum Kuwaiti Iraqi first was held in an atmosphere of positive and strive to exchange views and work to create an atmosphere of positive media media works and accordingly between the two countries to strengthen relations and overcome the effects of the past.   The Iraqi government has received assurances from the Kuwaiti counterpart of seeking to persuade the parliament to support the withdrawal of Iraq from Chapter VII, as he said, Secretary General of the Council of Ministers on the Keywords in an exclusive statement to “Al Sabah” recently: “The Iraqi file Kuwait if entrusted to the Kuwaiti government to resolve the file faster than expected, but the Kuwaiti National Assembly had reservations and the members of his negative attitude toward the new political system and the new Iraqi state, “saying there is a desire” for the Kuwaiti government to resolve all issues, but there are files that can not decide on them without referring to the Kuwaiti National Assembly, and that these themes are so far in arrears, including border and compensation and the Missing and so far no reservations to the National Assembly on these matters. “   The Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Foreign Affairs and Minister of State for Cabinet Affairs Sheikh Sabah Al-Khalid Al-Sabah, had confirmed last month that the visit of the Emir of Kuwait historical to Iraq to head the delegation of the State of Kuwait to the Arab summit conference of the 23 in Baghdad confirmed it clear to overcome the two tragic events of the invasion system dictatorial.   He announced in Baghdad agreement Iraqi – Kuwaiti to hold periodic meetings in the capitals of both countries to resolve all outstanding issues, where the MP said the coalition of state law, Abbas al-Bayati told the “morning”: that “the Joint Committee, Iraq – Kuwait agreed to hold periodic meetings in Baghdad and Kuwait to discuss the purpose of each file and to find solutions before the closing, “expected to see the end of this year to close all files between the two countries, as will relations, Iraq – Kuwait to the Golden outdated.”   The Supreme Committee of Ministers Iraqi – Kuwaiti Joint was held last April the second round of meetings in Baghdad, where the Committee discussed all the issues between the two countries, namely: Iraq’s obligations towards the international resolutions and the land border between the two countries and the freedom of navigation in the Khawr Abd Allah and the missing Iraqis and Kuwaitis and debt Iraq and Kuwait on the compensation and the port of Mubarak and the establishment of the Kuwaiti Gulf fishing area and the opening of a Kuwaiti Consulate in both Basra and Erbil.   They also agreed Baghdad and Kuwait recently, the implementation of the maintenance project marks the border this year, and the pursuit of serious and real to remove Iraq from Chapter VII.