Iraq admits two recommendations for the protection of his money abroad and debt settlement

Iraqi government approved on Tuesday, two recommendations of the ministerial committee in order to continue to protect his assets abroad and pay the debt.

And took the Ministerial Committee on the Status of a mechanism to ensure the protection of Iraqi funds last April, a series of resolutions and recommendation submitted to the Cabinet for submission to the Presidency of the Republic to apply to Washington to extend the protection of funds abroad for another year.

Iraq had last year formed committees to undertake the task of recovery of Iraqi funds in a number of countries after the adoption of the law of recovery of Iraqi funds abroad by the House of Representatives.

He said government spokesman Ali al-Dabbagh said in a statement received ” Twilight News , “a copy of it, that the Council of Ministers approved my recommendation to the Ministerial Committee for confirmation to the Ministry of Finance and Central Bank to continue consultations with the IMF to determine the action required from Iraq.

He added that the Iraqi government will continue to “push of trade receivables resulting from the Paris Club agreement and the settlement of the rest of the debt that are matched according to the rules of the Paris Club and debt settlement resulting from any lawsuits and the continuation of the Higher Committee in its work.”

The Ministerial Committee shall establish a mechanism to ensure the protection of Iraqi funds and the establishment of the Secretariat of the Council of Ministers issued a circular on government institutions to approach the Board of Supreme Audit exclusively for all inquiries on the Development Fund for Iraq funds.