Iranian diplomat: Iran and major powers reached a historic nuclear deal

Iranian diplomat: Iran and major powers reached a historic nuclear deal

07/14/2015 06:35 GMT

Iranian diplomat - Iran and major powers reached a historic nuclear dealFollow-up -oreet – Iranian diplomat said on Tuesday that Iran and the six major powers reached a historic nuclear deal will ease sanctions on Tehran in exchange for curbing its nuclear program.
He added the diplomat for “Reuters”, asking not to be named, “all the hard work and yielded We have reached an agreement.”

According to Reuters, the Iranian official stressed last to reach an agreement.

The Reuters news agency has reported, on Monday night, she got some of the items contained in the draft nuclear agreement between Iran and the six powers, from an unnamed diplomatic source.

The agency said that the draft calls to allow United Nations inspectors to Iran’s nuclear sites for each suspect, including military sites based on consultation between the powers and Tehran.

Plan also includes Iran and International Atomic Energy Agency and one visit to the Parchin military site, according to the leaks that came after marathon negotiations in Vienna.

The draft stresses that addressing doubts about the potential of its past nuclear activities of Iran and military dimensions, it will be a condition for the lifting of economic sanctions on Tehran.

The source added, according to Reuters, that if the agreement was approved, the approval of the resolution in the Security Council this month, would be ideal.

To implement the steps taken by the two sides, including restrictions on the Iranian nuclear program, and the easing of sanctions on Tehran in the first half of 2016.

Reuters announced these items after the end of a meeting of the six powers that negotiated to conclude an agreement to restrict Iran’s nuclear program.

She stressed that the primary source of information, and are subject to change because it is based on the draft nuclear agreement that can be modified before final approval by Iran and the forces Alst.a / h