How Can Change The Dollar Exchange Rate Legally?

How Can Change The Dollar Exchange Rate Legally?

02/20/2022 | 6:06 PM

How Can Change The Dollar Exchange Rate LegallyInformation / special

On Sunday, legal expert Ali Al-Tamimi revealed the options available to the current government to change the dollar exchange rate in a manner consistent with the articles of the constitution.

Al-Tamimi told the “Information” agency, “The current government has two options to change the dollar exchange rate, the first is the proposal of the governor of the Central Bank to change the exchange rate, provided that this is presented to Parliament in order to give it legitimacy, and then if the vote is obtained by a majority of the number of members (half plus one), it will be adopted This change.”

And he indicated that the justifications for the first option were represented by “the impact of the high exchange rate on poverty and consequently the prevalence of crime, suicide and other heinous crimes,” noting that “the rise in the exchange rate violates Articles 30 and 31 of the constitution, which obligate the government to provide a free and decent life.”

He continued, “As for the second option, it is by including the proposal to reduce the exchange rate in the next budget law, which is presented by the elected government according to exchange rate changes, and this becomes a binding law.”