His advisor: Al-Sudani agreed with party leaders on a gradual amendment to the Iraqi constitution

His advisor: Al-Sudani agreed with party leaders on a gradual amendment to the Iraqi constitution


His advisor - Al-Sudani agreed with party leaders on a gradual amendment to the Iraqi constitutionBaghdad – 964
Hassan Al-Yasiri, advisor to the Prime Minister for Constitutional Affairs, said on Monday that there is a new vision for amending the constitution that includes staying away from issues of political conflict, while noting that it was well received by most political blocs.

Al-Yasiri, in a statement to the official agency, followed by Network 964:
Prime Minister Muhammad Shiaa Al-Sudani adopted the draft amendment to the constitution, especially since it was approved in 2005, and the Iraqi mentality, both at the political and parliamentary levels, and public opinion, differed and included changing many opinions and ideas.

The constitution is not written and is eternal, so it must be amended at a certain stage.

When the constitution was approved, it was required to amend it. In the past, there were two experiments to amend it, the first in 2006 until 2009 and it was called the Constitution Review Committee, but due to severe disagreements at the time, the project was not completed.

The second experience was in the year 2019 under the government of Adel Abdul Mahdi. A project to amend the constitution was adopted by the Presidency of the Republic and the House of Representatives. After the demonstrations took place, the amendments did not see the light of day, and thus the project was stopped for the second time.

What is proposed now differs from the previous two projects, as it includes a different vision and mentality than before, and it completely excludes the idea of ​​amending the articles of the Constitution from Article 1 to Article 44.

We must benefit from previous experiences, as well as emulating the influence of developed countries such as America, Switzerland, Germany, Australia, Spain and Canada, as those countries amended parts of the constitution and not its entirety.

There are critical issues and amending them will lead to political conflict, so they must be avoided.

Amending the constitution must be according to the principle of gradualism within stages, so that the texts agreed upon by everyone on the necessity of amending them are amended, such as Article 76 and the article related to choosing the President of the Republic. It is necessary to specify in an explicit text the meaning of the largest bloc and what is meant by a two-thirds majority of choosing the President of the Republic. What is meant by it? Whether those present or the total number, in addition to redrafting some provisions of the constitution, especially with regard to independent bodies and which entities are not affiliated with a ministry, in addition to reconsidering transitional justice institutions.

This vision was presented to the leaders of the Shiite and Sunni political blocs and received approval, and a movement is underway to present it to the Kurdish political bloc.