High prices of weapons in Iraq after allowing possession in the home

BAGHDAD / JD / .. the prices of weapons in most cities of Iraq following the decision of the National Security Council to allow possession in the home. Informed sources said that “the price of light weapons and machine guns rose dramatically after the resolution by increasing the demand upon by the different quarters of the citizens of the acquisition and issuance of licenses tenure home under the new resolution. The same sources said that” the weapon of the type (Kalashnikov 7.62 mm) famous in Iraq rose to more than 30% in a short period, bringing the average price of one piece to about 650 thousand Iraqi dinars, while it did not exceed the 400 thousand Iraqi dinars in the previous times. Attribute the majority of traffickers in arms comes to the desire of families to middle-income acquisition of light weapons, which prevented local authorities to carry and possession after the security and stability has shown the deteriorating security situation after the events of 2003 and the subsequent loose security led citizens to purchase weapons to protect their property and their lives, and was waived gradually after homeostasis relative to security, noting that citizens with good access have not given up possession of weapons despite the government’s decisions to prevent possession.The Ministry of the Interior announced that the decision to acquire weapons in the home includes certain areas of the country without the other, the ministry said in a press release, received / JD / copy, “This decision covers the hot spots only, and not all over the country, noting that it allows the family to own a piece of weapon in the areas of the tense security situation, to be recorded in a police station near the place of domicile, asserting that permits possession of such weapons will be withdrawn with the establishment of security in those areas. / Finished / 20