Hakim is likely to form a government this week, and Zebari confirms the positive atmosphere of the negotiations

Hakim is likely to form a government this week, and Zebari confirms the positive atmosphere of the negotiations

Sunday, 31 August / August 2014 14:36

Hakim is likely to form a government this week and Zebari confirms the positive atmosphere of the negotiations[Baghdad-where]

The head of the Islamic Supreme Council Ammar al-Hakim, hope to vote on the lineup of the next government in the House of Representatives this week, was described as the head of delegation of the Kurdish negotiator Hoshyar Zebari, the atmosphere of negotiations between the political forces, “very positive.”

Hakim said during a joint news conference with Zebari held after their meeting at the presidency of the Supreme Council on Sunday, “we crossed during the meeting, our support for the formation of the next government and we will work serious cross-consultations Algesithih which is made for this day to arrive at conclusive results and the final signing of the ministerial statement to reassure all Iraqis to end Whether “.

Hakim added, “also discussed the security challenges and the need to rally national energy and cooperation between the parties to confront terrorism Aldaasha,” adding that “Iraq today has the support of regional and international in its battle with terrorism and Daash.”

The President of the Supreme Council on “the need to invest these climates and these opportunities across accelerate the formation of the government and real cooperation between national forces actors so to say that the atmosphere that prevails consultations was positive high and we hope to see the emergence of the government during the few days Almtbakbh of this week.”

And on the news block negotiations between the delegations of the negotiation of the National Alliance and the Union of National Forces on Saturday, Hakim said that “the meeting which brought together committees to negotiate between the National Alliance and the Union of Forces saw some faltering in the last meeting and we had the honor of hosting this delegation and the leaders of the Union of Forces yesterday was on its impact on meeting The last of the committees negotiating parties in the late hour of the night which was reached yesterday to a full understanding of this is supposed to be signed today between the delegations negotiating the National Alliance and the Union of Forces agreement on the ministerial platform. ”

“So those obstacles have been overcome and today in this meeting also touched positive large and will hold the negotiating committees of Kurdistan with the National Alliance, an important meeting today We hope that this will lead also to resolve the entire understandings between the parties and this will have completed the journey to the ministerial statement agreed between all parties.”

Hakim pointed out that “what we finish Alr.s. Ministerial Day even offers National Alliance vision in the distribution of ministerial cab to the forces of Kurdistan and the Union forces and a coalition of national as well as components of the National Alliance, part of the vision and the logic of the base of this process and we hope to be fair and reassuring for all.”

He pointed out that “It is certain from all the parties that have the names of the candidates prepared for this moment,” noting that “Once we finish the ministerial program will be the distribution of ministerial portfolios and the choice of personalities simple process and possible to accomplish in a short period, which makes us optimistic for the vote on the government this week House of Representatives. ”

For his part, head of the delegation of the Kurdish negotiator Hoshyar Zebari, “Our visit today a delegation from the Kurdistan coalition forces and to the wise leadership of the Supreme Council ally is for the exchange of opinion and put them in the image of the discussions we are having with the National Alliance and the Union of the national forces.”

He said “these talks have reached an advanced stage of completion of the ministerial program of the new government,” stressing that “the continuation of these talks and there is a serious of all parties in order to overcome the obstacles and agreements on acceptable formulations meet the aspirations of the participants in the new government.”

Zebari said “We are all in front of the time pressure of the constitutional period, which began running out and we have to submit the prime minister-designate caving ministerial and Curriculum government together to the House of Representatives to get the confidence,” noting, “We are working on these two tracks and we have talks daily about them.”

The Minister of Foreign Affairs in the outgoing government, said that “Daash also said al-Hakim, has united the Iraqis and the atmosphere is very positive and this existential threat grave no longer Iraqis, but Arab and Islamist, regionally and globally,” returned “What happened yesterday dropping aid from friendly countries in Amerli index is important the very breadth of this campaign and will be expanded to form a national unity government representing the university. ”

And returned Zebari “This increase in international support as well as assistance to defeat terrorism because Daash and thought this villain who started the whole world feels dangerous and threatening to the security and safety of the world.”

The Chairman of the delegation Kurdish negotiator said that “the country is full of challenges and problems, but the vision that we bring an alliance Kurdistan not only to address the issues of Kurdish or between the province and the federal government, but our proposals and ideas on national issues of Iraq and the State Administration and the participants, because unless you improve the country’s situation difficult to deal with issues partial It is the biggest issue the security of Iraq. ”

Zebari said: “We have visions and paper negotiating delivered it to the National Alliance and the rest of the forces and will manage to formulations common and acceptable for the Kurdistan Alliance and the National because goodwill is available and the seriousness and will also exist to gain access to the results lead to the formation of an inclusive government” Ended