Governor of Baghdad province and declares bankruptcy stop their projects

Governor of Baghdad province and declares bankruptcy stop their projects and not being able to pay the salaries of contract employees


Governor of Baghdad province and declares bankruptcy stop their projectsDinars / Nabil Fawzi / .. declared governor of Baghdad, Ali al-Tamimi yesterday evening for the bankruptcy of the province of Baghdad formally stopped its projects as well as the inability to continue to pay the salaries of contract employees and accruals companies.
He wrote Tamimi on their profile in Facebook and I followed Agency / JD /: “that the province free of any sums of money, full stop our projects, and we can not pay contract employees the wages for the current month in the case of non-arrival of the amounts approved in the budget of 2015,” pointing to “the lack being able to pay contract employees wages only after the launch of the amounts established in the current year budget. ”
He called on the Ministry of Finance to convert the 2015 budget to the province of Baghdad benefits possible for us to continue to provide services to the people of the capital.
Adding, “that with the adoption of the budget for 2015 despite being much less than required by our commitments deficit of 400 billion, and although she ongoing projects only and this means more than 450 new projects, including sewage, water and paving, schools, health centers and playgrounds stop, but we were able to programming amounts It has been approved for the payment of dues and continuing the work of the projects, but the lack of access amounts despite budget approval got us great embarrassment and made us unable to pay dues projects already under way and stopped dozens of projects. ”
He said the governor of Baghdad: “He Despite the lack of approval of the 2014 budget and despite the many financial obligations to maintain due to previous engagements ongoing projects, but we were able through transfers of some ministries such as the Ministry of Education 209 billion and financial 271 billion and some doors and move forward in the payment of dues and direct projects water and carrier lines and tiling, schools and educational projects. ”
He expressed that to maintain staff complained of interruptions salaries, stressing privately told / JD / “falling victim to wrong policies”.
She said the employee (h. A): “that the province appointed hundreds of contract employees with the assumption of his duties Tamimi, which burdened the province with no budget resolution procedure for employees who exceeded their service more than 5 years.”
She added “the conservative assume its responsibilities, the fact that most of the contract employees who earn salaries of 300 to 400 000 dinars per month linked Bawail and obliged to provide living requirements,” calling on “the government and the Baghdad Provincial Council not to prejudice the salaries of the staff of the owners of low-income” ../ ended / 22 /