Government demands to postpone the application of tariff

29/05/2012 0:00 

Agreed that the financial allocation of land for the implementation of the port of Faw 
Baghdad – morning 
and the Council of Ministers approved in its session the usual held yesterday by the Ministry of Finance to allocate the land necessary to implement the project port of Faw by the Ministry of Transport. said government spokesman Ali Dabbagh said in a press statement received “morning,” a copy of it: “The government has asked the House of Representatives to postpone the application of tariff law pending completion of procedures, tools and means of application of the law provides that the Ministry of Finance practical reasons and technical unjustified to wait and the time limit is required to postpone the application of the law. He said,” it was authorize the Minister of transport authority to negotiate and sign a draft air transport agreement between Iraq and Kuwait, as amended by the State Council on the basis of the provisions of Article (80 item VI) of the Constitution with the Foreign Ministry to prepare a document authorization required on behalf of the Government of the Republic of Iraq to the Minister of Transport in accordance with contexts approved and submit to the Secretariat of the Council of Ministers in order to obtain the signature of the prime minister. ” 
Source: alsabaah