Foreign Parliament: Organize navigation with Kuwait comes out of Iraq from Chapter VII

Foreign Parliament: Organize navigation with Kuwait comes out of Iraq from Chapter VII



Ezzat Foreign Relations Committee the reasons for postponement read Convention on the Regulation navigation between Iraq and Kuwait not to see some of Representatives, stressing the importance of this agreement in order to remove Iraq from Chapter VII.

and according to the agreement, the ships passing through this channel down their flags in both Iraq and Kuwait will not raise any flag, but if you raised the ship, science Kuwait when entering the Kuwaiti side, it follows that any legal consequences at the time. member of the Foreign Relations Committee, Imad John Yako explained that the Convention on the Regulation navigation in the Khawr Abd Allah came from the government to the House of Representatives and has been studied by the Committee on Foreign Relations.

was the Council of Ministers adopted a resolution in January of this year to approve the agreement between Baghdad and Kuwait to regulate navigation in the Khawr Abd Allah that occurred initially, because the This agreement governing navigation in this port in terms of traffic and environmental safety and all aspects to ensure smooth navigation in this channel.

said Yako in a statement »Center Brief for the Iraqi Media Network» that «this agreement is not new it older than 8 years, but because of the sensitivity View the Kuwaiti and amplified by some politicians, some of them do not like him return relations, Iraq – Kuwait and some of the deputies deliberately delayed so we made ​​a request to postpone the reading of the Convention. continued: «I have pulled the treaty from the agenda until after the holiday legislature, and we’ll then Btadhaev experts from the Ministry of Transport and Foreign seen Representatives on the importance of agreement », adding that« the presidency is keen to pass this agreement ».

between Yako that the opinion of the Foreign Relations Committee with a contract so conventions and treaties with the Kuwaiti side to be the beginning of good faith in order to remove Iraq from Chapter VII . and Chapter VII is one of seventeen chapters constitute the UN Charter, and consists of (13) material is material from 39-51, and consists of the Charter as a whole of the (111) material, and authorizes this chapter the UN Security Council to use force against the state or states that threaten peace and international security, and enjoy the decisions that are issued on the basis of this chapter Balsafh mandatory.

also noted a member of the Foreign Relations Committee, Hassan Khudair al-Hamdani that relations between Iraq and Kuwait to take through Lhalhalh in all outstanding issues through the exchange of delegations at a high level of both the House of Representatives or the Presidency of the Republic , as well as attend the Emir of Kuwait to the Arab summit in Baghdad, and these things led to the formation of a set of relevant functional commissions between the two countries in order to discuss to resolve outstanding problems.

between Hamdani in a statement »Center Brief for the Iraqi Media Network,» said one of the problems that must be solved between two countries, which keep Iraq under Chapter VII that there would be agreements in accordance with international legitimacy, including the organization of a mechanism navigation.

As for the reason to postpone reading this Convention, the MP said there from the House of Representatives had reservations about some of the items in the Convention, and should go these reservations to the Commission competent in order to hear their views clearly and taking them and get to put convince the House of Representatives of what is happening and we also refer to the international laws on this side and thus to reach a final version.