Foreign investment rises in Iraq

Organization announced gica Southeast Asian, on Saturday, that foreign investment rose in Iraq to 20-fold to become a $ 60 billion U.S. after it was three billion dollars four years ago.

According to a report of the Organization of gica quoted by the agency “Twilight News” that ” foreign investment in Iraq was a nearly three billion dollars by nearly four years. ” The report added that “foreign investment in Iraq is over $ 60 billion and is continuing to rise.”

The report indicated that “foreign investment in Iraq has doubled 20 times in four years , and this is a good march of the Iraqi economy, which is witnessing great economic booms. ” Noteworthy that the Iraqi investment law gave foreign investors the right trading in the stock market, stocks and bonds, and lease of land needed for the project or Musataha, and the right of the foreign investor in insurance companies on the project.

The law guarantees that the priority recruitment and use of personnel to the Iraqis, as well as giving the foreign investor and foreign workers in the investment projects the right of residence in Iraq and facilitate their entry and exit to and from Iraq. enjoys investment project with its projects that obtained an investment license from the exemption from taxes and fees for 10 years from the start of commercial operation of the project.