Fisherman: Patience with Kuwait ran out

Fisherman: Patience with Kuwait ran out

9/5/2019 15:31

Central Bank of Iraq- Iraqi dinar[Baghdad-Where]
MP Kadhim al-Sayadi said on Thursday that patience with Kuwait had been carried out, noting that the coming battle for land and supply has become obligatory.

Al-Sayyadi said in an interview with Alsumaria News that “patience with Kuwait has run out and our next holy battle for land, supply and property is due,” noting that “every Iraqi sheriff must rise up.”

He called for fishermen, “presidencies and tolerances, leaders and parties to throw a gown of humiliation and courtesy,” pointing out that “Iraq first and Kuwait and its tails and those who walk to the abyss.”

Addressing the Kuwaiti fishermen, he said, “the sands of Iraq and its honor are holiest, O Ostriches.”

Iraq sent a letter to the Security Council accusing Kuwait of pursuing the policy of imposing a fait accompli by making geographic changes in the maritime borders between the two countries after the mark 162 in Khor Abdullah Iraq “, saying that” it is not a legal basis in the joint plan for the organization of maritime navigation in the Khor Abdullah. ”

as Tahjmt Kuwaiti MP Safa Al – Hashem, the first on Tuesday, on Iraq because of the complaint brought by Kuwait in the security Council , saying , ” kohl into Alrmdh loss . ”

as the face of Kuwait ‘s delegate to the Security Council, On Thursday, a letter to the council on the construction of the platform “Fisht Al-Aij,” noting that Iraq did not consult with Kuwait on the construction work for the port of Fao.