Finance Minister chairs a meeting on “changing the exchange rate”

Finance Minister chairs a meeting on “changing the exchange rate”


Finance Minister chairs a meeting on changing the exchange rateToday, Wednesday, the Minister of Finance, Ali Abdul Amir Allawi, chaired an expanded meeting to discuss the goals achieved by changing the currency exchange rate.

The ministry said in a statement, that “during the meeting, a review and discussion of the positive effects of changing the exchange rate of the dinar against the dollar and the impact of that step on rebalancing the Iraqi economic reality burdened with challenges and obstacles and protecting it from the risks of collapse, in addition to discussing mechanisms to change the investment environment and support the private sector.” Assigning industry and agriculture in line with corrective measures for the course of the national economy. ”

The meeting discussed, according to the statement, “the encouraging measures related to the work of the banking sector and its contribution to providing support to the various productive sectors. As well as procedures for automating the tax and customs system and simplifying all administrative operations in line with the adoption of the white paper.” .

Allawi stressed, “The Ministry of Finance has taken several measures in support of the effects of changing the exchange and is continuing to work on translating them effectively to protect the poor classes, in conjunction with the approaching vote of the House of Representatives on the draft of the general budget bill.”