Finance Committee has responsibility to monitor the actions of the CBI’s policy on exchange rate

Finance Committee has responsibility to monitor the actions of the CBI’s policy on exchange rate


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Member of the Finance Committee said Rep. najeeba Najib ‘s/JD/Tuesday: that the work of the Committee is to follow the dollar equivalent exchange rate of the Iraqi dinar, adding: we will follow the actions taken by the Central Bank, watching the exchange rate of the dollar against the Iraqi dinar.

Najib said the importance of identifying how the Central Bank version controls.

The integrity Commission in Parliament, has announced that the investigating court competent to hear the charges quashed integrity issues to the article Central Bank Governor Sinan Al-Shabibi.

Committee member Jawad said in a press statement earlier alshahili that the competent court of inquiry to consider the integrity issues proved that no income to the Central Bank, Sinan Al-Shabibi, head of the former process wasted money cited by the investigative committee formed by House and not even the report of the Office of financial supervision.

“The targeting of Sinan Al-Shabibi is personal not targeted against corruption and waste of public money as they claim they are, because in accordance with the decisions of the Court to the Bank and most of the House claimed by what amount to public money, but Parliament did not answer because of lack of evidence.

There was the wrong policies of the Central Bank didn’t commit but banks still sitting at the heart of the Bank associated with major political figures, as well as consulates and trade missions in some capitals including Dubai and Oman to add to the State of Qatar