Finance Committee: Application of tariff law will equip Iraq to enter the (WTO) World Trade Organization

A member of the Parliamentary Finance Committee, on Tuesday, sending the proposal to the Iraqi Ministry of Finance of the Federal Law on the application of tariffs, at the time confirmed that the application of the law will equip Iraq to enter the World Trade Organization.

The MP said Haitham al-Jubouri The application of tariff law is one of the elements of a state economic development, as a condition for entry into the WTO, which one of the conditions of application of the law as well as customs tariff for the protection of the national product. “

He explained that the committee Jubouri suggested to the Customs Authority and the Finance Ministry proposals, the first is to do a tax exemption for certain goods within the task that I need food or clothing, indicating that the second proposal is to apply a gradual ascending and other goods which are not of interest to poor families.

He noted that if the application of these Almguetrhieddin there will be control of the Iraqi market and the reduction of the inflation. “