Field commanders: resolving the battle is near Mosul

Field commanders: resolving the battle is near Mosul

3/12/2017 0:00

Field commanders - resolving the battle is near MosulBAGHDAD / MOSUL morning
continues kinds of forces to achieve successive victories, compared to the defeat and retreat of the enemy Aldaasha, which made the field commanders assert that the battle to liberate Mosul will be decided during the final few weeks, contrary to the expectations of senior military international.
This comes at a time through a security expert was surprised that the collapse of these terrorists lines so quickly before the rush of the pieces , which continues to advance in the revival of the right coast and all the other axes of the fighting.
The promise of victory
has expressed his army aviation commander Lieutenant – General Hamid al – Maliki, expressed great optimism, and expected to resolve the battle to liberate Mosul in full within the next few weeks, after he was senior military of the international coalition forces Bkied America described this battle b »Long» and »difficult ».
He quoted a US newspaper for army aviation commander as saying that the terrorists Daesh defenses crumble under pressure and was given the speed and success of the Iraqi attack is likely to settle the liberation of Mosul , at the earliest date than planned.
A spokesman for the US Department of Defense (Pentagon) Jeff Davis refused to give a timetable for the liberalization of Mosul control Daesh Takfiri gangs.

Close gangs
and this is what also went to him commander of Nineveh operations , Major General Najim al – Jubouri, said the correspondent «morning»: The edit hand Badush process (20 km north – west of Mosul) are very important because they cut off contact and supplying terrorists among the Who ‘s coast right and others in the district of Tall Afar lines and there is no any entry or exit of the judiciary as well as the same spot on the right coast so the enemy Aldaasha collapsed and confused and living is at its worst and the inevitable end approached and inescapable.
Jubouri said troops from a combat terrorism and federal police and rapid response continues to advance towards their goals in the depth of the revival of the right coast and the old city and was able to impose its control on the Aleppo Street and break into the door of the brick and take control of large parts of the message alive.

Offering exceeded expectations
as he saw security expert Hisham al – Hashimi, the refraction of defenses Daesh lines was not expected so quickly and short time period, revealing that the joint forces have changed their plans and came surprises did not reckon with the enemy Aldaasha, pointing out that the competent leaders identified months to edit the coast right full but it may arise surprises closer to the date and reduced time more, warning that Daesh gangs do not have a tactic which hinder the rapid progress of the pieces of the onrushing operations liberation only through the use innocent people as human shields, as well as customary style using car bombs among people ‘s homes.

Instrumental to fly
and which will contribute to bringing forward the resolution of the battle the active role of the Army Aviation Iraqi air force , which has intensified yesterday minute strikes on terrorist hideouts across the Nineveh province , in coordination with the Directorate of Intelligence, according to media military cell, which made it clear that Air Force planes carried out six sorties combat on right coast and the urban, Kairouan and Tal Afar and Baaj within western Nineveh boycotted down the Syrian border, and managed to kill a number of terrorists and destroying two wheels bombs and destroy the plant booby – trapping the wheels in Tal Afar and Amadaftin foreigners in urban areas and the destruction of the headquarters of the so – called (military Daesh police) in Tal Afar , and a training center for terrorists.
The army carried out 22 combat sorties flight that killed a number of terrorists and destroying four wheels bomb and 3 additions to the enemy and three motorcycles and two vehicles carrying militants and destroyed nine nests of terrorists in the operations hubs.

Escalating battle momentum on the
ground , too, the commander of operations are coming, Nineveh , Lt. Gen. Abdul Amir Yar God said pieces of band 16 liberated the village of Khawaja Khalil on the bank of the Tigris east side Badush and seized control of the big water project in the dome nutritious President coast left, stressing at the same time, he was able edit Geber facility located east of Badush too, and terrorists to inflict heavy losses in lives and equipment.
Colonel in the Federal Police, Imad al – Bayati also said, in a statement to correspondent «morning» that federal police forces and rapid reaction squad finished editing the regions of the new door of the Great Mosque and the relics , which includes a beacon humpback archaeological where the famous city of Mosul. After storming night operation and clashes took place in the new door, one of the largest and oldest markets , where established hundreds of years ago the market.
He pointed out that terrorists Daesh burned about 20 shops of the market before they fled after killing more than 21 of them , including three suicide bombers inside the shops as well as a foiled bombing of shops bomb managed engineering teams addressed. He said Colonel al – Bayati said the troops also managed to free the station area , which includes Mosul , train and residential buildings where the station building, and engineering teams began the dismantling of dozens of improvised explosive devices at the station.

Combing liberated neighborhoods
as told fellow federal police Captain Tareq Jassim, email us, that the troops ended the edit regions eggs door – Faruq and began to storm the wells region, indicating that those of the old popular areas and narrow alleys , which lies in the southern hub of the coast of the center of Mosul right.
He explained that the troops were raided two regions at night and managed to kill about 28 Daashaa including four bombers and a sniper in the Al Farouq area. Jassim said the security forces opened safe corridors for the exit of the families inhabiting the two regions and is now conducting combing and search operation in search of remnants Aldoaash, adding that the troops continued its flight to hack into wells region amid a clash close with the rest of the terrorists and managed to kill dozens of them, noting that the troops advancing the direction of oil products company has taken those gangs based in that.
Furthermore, police intelligence Federal launched a search operation and wide in the neighborhoods liberated coast right in search of terrorists Daesh and their supporters and all those who helped them to kill innocent people and committing massacres against Almousliyn, which resulted in the arrest of 40 Daashaa including leading figures of Arabs and foreigners on the back of the receipt of information from the locals, as Federal police began the Fatah leadership offices of intelligence in the neighborhoods liberated to help civilians and received complaints and notifications of citizens hiding places Aldoaash.