Expert: the need to join the World Trade Organization

On: Wednesday 23/5/2012 6:12

 Baghdad / range 
called economic expert Majid picture to the need to search for Iraq’s accession to the WTO, they will make there is economic activity and substantial investment in the country. 
said the picture according to the Agency (news): The WTO is made ​​up of a coalition of countries, a global advanced in all fields Kalsnaaah economic, agricultural, commercial, and the accession of Iraq to gain him the experience of those countries to develop its economy, adding that it would allow Iraq to deal with these countries and cooperation among them.

He added, must seek the federal government to accelerate the accession of Iraq to the organization because it will create a dynamic economic and major investment in the country by attracting investment firms to operate in Iraq, noting that any organization a global economic join them by Iraq, it is an asset to the country and its people.

and founded the World Trade Organization in 1995, It is one of the smallest organizations the world lived, the successor of the General Agreement on Tariffs and Trade (GATT) established in the wake of World War II, and its primary objective is to help the flow and trade flow smoothly, and freedom, including the World Trade Organization more than (140) members representing more than (90%) of world trade. 
to that proposed by the Economic Committee in the House of Representatives Nahida Daini open windows broad economic with the countries of advanced global, to break free from under the neighboring countries of Iraq in economic processes. 
said Dani: You must think how to get rid of the control of the neighboring countries on Iraq through trade by opening the prospects of economic and wide with the countries of advanced global, whether European or Asian to ensure the import of goods quality and conformity to international standards. 
She added that most of the goods coming from neighboring countries, poor and unfit for human consumption, what impact negatively on Iraq on the safety of the community and the depletion of foreign currency, calling for open shows economic developed countries in Iraq in order to bridge the economic cooperation with all countries of the world. 
She Daini: that the global industry, particularly the European proven that it produces goods are good and with high specifications and qualities characteristic in spite of a difference what it was worth, but Iraq will gain a good commodity died of local needs.