Expert: Qrhhenger where 25 billion barrels of oil have made Exxon Mobil defying Maliki government

Expert: Qrhhenger where 25 billion barrels of oil have made Exxon Mobil defying Maliki government


Expert - Qrhhenger where 25 billion barrels of oil have made Exxon Mobil defying Maliki governmentTwilight News / economic expert said Kurd, said Exxon Mobil, the American giant in the field of oil and gas, the Maliki government has defied warnings to companies that want to contract with the Kurdistan Regional Government, after learning that the latter offered six sites for prospecting and exploration.

The expert said the Kurdish Howera Mansour in your analytical material I have seen, “Twilight News” that al-Maliki made a mistake by challenging the company’s American giant, which ousted the heads of leaders of countries and regions and many areas of the world, stressing that the field Qarahanjir its oil reserves equivalent to the Kirkuk oilfields that were exploited Iraqi government.

He added that the total owned by Exxon Mobil of the oil reserves in the fields that run in all 200 countries, territories and regions of the world does not exceed 24.9 billion barrels until 2011, while the Qarahanjir alone has 25 billion barrels of oil reserves and it is to win a contract to work with redoubled reserves to become about 50 billion barrels.

He said al-Maliki was short-sighted threatened the company through an article in which he said: “If Exxon Mobil entered into Qarahanjir which is one of the disputed areas have not been decisively with the Kurdistan Regional Government, the Iraqi army will face in it.”

He said that Exxon Mobil is very similar to what state issued daily about four million of crude oil, which always need to look for new fields to follow up their work because they can not do so, the reserves of oil will become zero during the next 20 years, which owns its army of staff and workers texture 80 000 staff will not jeopardize their future.

He noted that Indian officials demanded that Bush is pressuring Exxon Mobil to make them accept the participation of Indian companies in the exploration and production of oil, and gas in the Russian coast, Bush’s reply was, “There is no person has the power to say to Exxon Mobil what it can do.”

And connecting analyst ordered the intervention of President George Obama to protect Arbil across the Air Force as one of the book Americans to protect “state on the ground Mtjuma oil,” he said, adding that Obama said in his historic speech on the intervention of air to protect Irbil that “the province is run the way we want.”

Commented an analyst at the bottom of his article by saying that Exxon Mobil, a very close friend of the Republicans, unlike the Democrats, who are close friends of the environment and always look with suspicion to the expansion needs of the oil companies and their activities.

Predicted by what he called a resounding earthquake of Exxon Mobil at the moment that catches the Republicans in power in the White House, in a timely manner that the world will see how the enemies of the company in Baghdad will catch remorse and scandal.

He concluded by saying that the Republicans formed a front to put pressure on Obama to play America strike severely and decisively against the terrorists to protect Arbil allies without worrying Baghdad and say that America should arm the province of Kurdistan and Alپeshmrگh, pointing out that he knew since the day he came Arbil Paxson Mobil to Kurdistan that the balance of power between Arbil and Baghdad will change, and that the threat of al-Maliki, the company’s attack of Iraqi army forces in Qarahanjir make the sun go toward decline.