Expert: Iraq’s accession to the WTO contributes to attract significant investment to the country

05/06/2012 0:00

Stressed the importance of accelerating the amendment of some economic systems 
BAGHDAD – Haider Filaih Rubaie 
praised the economic expert efforts for on impact of Iraq to the World Trade Organization, noting that such efforts should be successful in the determination of an Iraqi on the merger of that organization that will facilitate trade and to overcome obstacles facing the movement as a whole and commercial development in the country .. 
praised economist efforts for Iraq’s accession to the WTO, noting that such efforts should be successful in the determination of an Iraqi on the merger of that organization that will facilitate trade and overcome the obstacles facing movement as a whole and commercial development in the country, and drew an expert to that joining the WTO requires the restructuring of the Iraqi economy to conduct fundamental reforms in the structure of economic, which includes all laws, legislation and economic measures and formulation of modern methods developed in line with the requirements and conditions of the organization, pointing out that among the pros that can materialize for Iraq in the event of joining the WTO is its contribution to the integration of fast of Iraq to the international community and the global economic system and catch up with the development and modernity in all areas, particularly the economic aspect and development, as well as access to facilities a great business in the fields of import and export, human development and services sectors through opportunities and allowances and facilities provided by the organization for its members. 
Ali Aziz only during his speech for the (morning): The process of reforming the economic system for the purpose of joining the organization can contribute to creating an attractive environment for foreign investment, large and make the most of its position in the organization in the definition of areas and investment opportunities available in Iraq and this will allow the country to achieve the greatest degree of flexibility and the ability to choose the best and finest of goods through the presentation of products, 156 countries of the SCO members to Iraq. 
and only that Iraq’s accession to the organization serves as an important incentive to recovery and prosperity of Industry and Iraqi agriculture to keep pace with global production and increase the ability to competition with the products and foreign goods, and ensures the largest amount of job opportunities and the elimination of unemployment in all its forms after the revival of industry and agriculture, services and investment projects with other major and human development inherent in the economic recovery. 
said expert that Iraq is working hard to join the international economic organizations because of their of paramount importance in the future of the national economy, which he said the economy sober and important role in the region and the world a kiss to all global investment, stressing at the same time that the WTO accession will lead to expansion of the work of networks of social welfare and diversification of fields such as a guarantee of health and opportunities for free education and increase the areas of humanitarian work as a practical alternative to lift subsidies on goods and goods of food and health services, education and imposed by the terms of the organization which aims to reduce waste of resources while ensuring the standard of living adequate for the poor. 
expert urged the need to improve the negotiating capacity of Iraq with the developed countries members of the Organization in the areas of contracts and agreements related economic exchange of trade and investment through the atmosphere negotiating positive provided by the organization for its members according to the contexts and the laws prevailing there, which are difficult for Iraq to achieve in bilateral negotiations with these countries, saying that among the benefits to be achieved in the event of Iraq’s accession to that organization is to prevent monopoly and to overcome the bad effects at work trade by ensuring the free import and easier flow of goods and commodities without barriers, creating a positive atmosphere and wide range of competitive business. 
and hinted only that join the organization to ensure protection for the developing countries, including Iraq policy of dumping that may be pursued by developed countries against other countries and thus provide the organization according to its laws and regulations to protect good for Iraq’s economy and this will not be achieved without full membership in the Organization according to the only one who also stressed that the importance of adherence comes from the fact that the organization and means to help make the best use of natural resources and human resources and finance through the selection of areas most capable of Iraq on the contest and get rid of projects and investments that ascertains the economic feasibility of fruit and a focus on projects that achieve the highest amount of profits and returns of Finance in the fields of industry, agriculture, and to get rid of the heavy legacy of tens of capital projects governmental futile and useless economic, which cost the state budget financial burdens considerably. 
Iraq is seeking to join the World Trade Organization, a move aimed at to achieve economic progress can come back with positive results significant for the country, but that the organization was granted Iraq observer status in order to brief him on the policies and laws of the organization that allows member countries many concessions to the commercial level. 
was baptized the country to conduct a series of economic reforms imposed on the states wishing to enter into the membership of that organization as a condition for acceptance, including a comprehensive reform of the laws, customs, taxes and reform the system of banks and other economic laws, the other that can facilitate the process of accession to the WTO. 
in contrast, sees only an apprehension in many of the economic decision-makers from the process of accession to the WTO, adding that those fears are that Iraq is undergoing a critical transition in his economic policy which tries to identify tracks new after a period of change and transition from central control comprehensiveness of the economy pursued by the former regime and established a complete system of legislation, laws, procedures and FAQ economic reflected on the behavior and practices of institutions and government departments and their employees and the nature of their outlook, their dealings with the private sector on the one hand and the desire to shift to a market economy which is guaranteed by Dezturalaraca in article twenty-fifth. 
and recommended only the need for Iraqi negotiator on grace periods and exemptions appropriate in the areas of tariff and support agricultural production and industrial and intellectual property rights for the advancement of the economic reality of Iraq is gradually down to the stage of competitiveness, pointing out that it would achieve the balance of logic between the member states, which vary among the industrialized nations and productive major and between developing countries and depends heavily on imports such as Iraq. 
The expert also : that the laws and requirements of the organization concerning the abolition of subsidies on goods and products, including food raises fears and concerns of the poor and disadvantaged, which calls for activating the work of social safety nets and expand its work to include as much as possible of the beneficiaries and the diversification of sources of support and care to include the views of the private sector and civil society organizations, where we note The work is marred by many of the gaps and violations and depriving the many categories of orphans and widows, the disabled, the disabled and people with incurable diseases and other eligible care to be done before the completion of accession to the organization because it will eliminate the fears and apprehensions legitimate for these categories and creates an atmosphere of stability and assurance of social replacement for government support of goods and goods, including food and medicine. 
and the only one that joining the WTO occupies the utmost importance for the future of Iraq’s economic and international level is that it is required to be in accordance with steps dealt with carefully studied depends first on identifying economic targets current and future desired to join the organization, noting that it requires only be joining the organization an end in itself as Iraq’s accession is the choice of the country and not imposed it should also contribute to all economic sectors, both public and private sectors to discuss the issue of joining the organization in a transparent and high sense of responsibility and great concern for the future of the homeland and the citizen away from the auctions and the best interest of timely and therefore it is appropriate so that it contributes to all economic sectors, both public and private sectors to discuss the issue of accession to the organization to its being affected by the negatively or positively albeit at different levels.