Editorial: Are prevail dinar currency Really?

Editorial: Are prevail dinar currency Really?


Yasser incumbent succeeded Association of Iraqi private banks in Iraq to pull the rug out from under those who tried to harm the reputation of banks Iraqi special purpose Aobdon inadvertently untapped opportunity crisis, the central bank and its repercussions, which dropped بتبعيتها the new administration culminated in creating a gap between them and the banks are confused reforms, the new and make it wandering in Aqrarart and swift action to be overlooked.

were economic morning has dealt with the crisis contrived calmly and was keen to clear the atmosphere and make the path of reform and processors are going in full swing after that acknowledged the central bank governor Abdul Basit Turki at the time that a lot of votes that drew criticism of the monetary policy come from non-owners jurisdiction rendering the insult to injury and said we hear proposals from owners of expertise and competence of economists فاستثمرت economic morning this view and entered initiative called through central hear the opinion of private banks procedures before they are imposed or approval and knowledge of the possibility of implementation of whether or not that is dealing with the banks on the grounds that Shepherd has been the response of the central thankfully taking this proposal culminated things to bridge the gap and the return of the proper relationship what led to the successes recorded to a central processing bottleneck exchange market Iraqi Tzbzbath Here is the dollar fails due to inclusion.

but new on the subject from my perspective as an observer that this developments managed bond investment to sit at the table working breakfast with the participation of all government and private banks and turned the meeting to assess a broad and large two policies of monetary and fiscal reach conferees to convictions of the importance of joint action and create partnerships targeted between the government and private banks were issued from the platform session proposals lead to a real contribution to the development and economic reform required.

should be noted that the recent successes Association was the result the role played by a member of the Association Handal and arm Shirvan in to pick up the role of the Association in coordination with the President Chalabi and CEO Goldfinch Falt results to be corrected in the target.

has managed these national efforts restore power to the Iraqi dinar to يتسيد currency and our hope large policy of the new administration of the Central Bank and in cooperation with banks to return to the chart that was drawn by the old administration in the delivery of the dollar exchange rate to 100 dinars, offset by $ 100 as a target gradually Aln crisis, which provoked the timely and regional conditions have prevented the goal wiping Atarepettzbzbat continuous deported to achieve goal, and now ترتسم front of me a clear picture to revive this goal through such constructive cooperation to become the value of the Iraqi dinar equivalent U.S. dollars and this goal is not far away if we let the owners of jurisdiction working together without confuse statements are not a competent by some.

these dreams may seem difficult to achieve, but I tell if accompanied by our actions selfless This is not  We hope a large private banks and government to follow the procedures for the central bank and executed via discussed together and to other successes in order to achieve the target because the Iraqi economy is strong and pick it used to be Tiger’s seventh potential large in Iraq and that you need to manage a sound and efficient This is not Besab Obaid of reach.