Economists: partial tariff application. Proposal to end the controversy started

Baghdad (News)/report/Hussein Faleh/… Different views of members of the House of representatives and Government officials mentioning about the application of the customs tariff law in time, as opposed to some and others, insisted by deputies and experts is partially implemented.

And akotrho as a “average” applied to some unnecessary materials imported or goods the country could fill his need, asserting (News Agency news) an important law to protect domestic product despite its expected price.

According to the Economic Committee Member said Deputy/Iraqi/Noora albegari Coalition: the system could not be applied fully to imported goods and materials because Iraq would affect the consumer in terms of increasing prices in the market.

She albegari (News News Agency): the productive sectors in Iraq are still not working, whether industrial or agricultural because of not giving the main actor role for the private sector to work on bridging the country’s need of local products.

Added: tariff must apply partially any imposed on unnecessary materials of the country (kalskaer alcohol and other luxuries) excluded from vegetables, fruit and some electrical appliances needed by Iraqi citizen, because individual living standards is limited and increase prices will negatively affect the financial means. Invited member economy to think how to make productive economic sectors and then think how to protect them.

And the new tariff act which was passed by the House to repeal the tariff law No. (77) for the year 1955, Coalition Provisional Authority order (defunct) No. (45) for year 2004 (trade liberalization policy 2004), Coalition Provisional Authority order No. (38) for the year 2003 (Iraq reconstruction tax and its amendments).

The law affirms that it does not work with any instructions or regulations incompatible with its provisions.

For his part warned analyst Ibrahim Al-Mashhadani from the application of the customs tariff law without the presence of a local producer and fills need country competes with imported from abroad.

He said Al-Mashhadani (News News Agency): exemption of materials not available in the country of the customs duties so as not to affect the consumer’s as well as swelling of the country in terms of higher prices.

He said: that some traders will exploit the system to exponentially increase prices in local markets.

The meeting of the Council of Ministers (22) called the House to postpone the application of the customs tariff law until the completion of the procedures, tools and means of applying the law provides that the Ministry of Finance of practical and technical reasons justifying wait and timelines required to postpone the application of the law.

Where economic Committee member criticised Deputy//National Coalition Government’s decision to Amer winner wait tariff law, stating that the law has been delayed twice and respited US Government (6) months to complete the full procedures relating to law.

The winner (for the news agency news): the law essential to Iraq’s economy because it will reduce the dumping of foreign products and commodity will protect local product, accused Executive to prone to pressure by neighbouring States for postponing action in the system being beneficiaries of Iraq through the export of its cargo.

Economic Committee member rejected on placeholder//National Alliance ressan was arrested Abdul Hussein postpone implementation of the law on customs tariff schedule for local product protection, pointing out that his Committee’s opinion varied law enforcement after the Government postponed.

Confirmed: many owners of industrial plants in Iraq are demanding the imposition of tariffs to protect their product, stating that law had already been delayed three times by the Government due to internal and external pressures from local traders and exporters.

And identified the Ministry of Finance on 16 February 2012 June 1 deadline for direct customs tariff for all goods and goods entering Iraq to support production and local industry and Agriculture and the reduction of dumping poor goods.

The Act provides for the imposition of customs duty on imported goods, not included in the table of tariffs tariffs, not more than (20%) Worth, to exempt the samples and models that are not of commercial value, customs duties, as patron of the law in the application of its provisions and facilities accorded under the investment law No. (13) of 2006 and amended on imported goods exclusively for purposes of investment projects, with the aim of attracting the greatest possible investment firms and businessmen to work in Iraq.

The Act provides for the Council of Ministers the right to modify the customs duty provided for in the customs tariff schedule for agricultural extension and the calendar of this Act in emergency conditions of economic necessity and cash call for actions of protection or treatment.