Economist: the work of the stock market is disproportionate to the economic potential of Iraq

BAGHDAD / follow-up to the East: Description of the work of an economist Iraqi market for securities that are not commensurate with the big money and the economic potential possessed by Iraq, because of the weakness of the private sector.

He said economic expert Majid picture of the National Iraqi News Agency that the stock market affected the general situation in Iraq and that the number of companies traded in the market does not exceed 100 companies.

According to the picture that despite the great changes that have occurred in the marketplace using the latest technology in stock trading, but the work of the stock market does not fit and is owned by Iraq’s economic advantages and big money to the lack of practice of transparency of the private sector because of the weakness and lack of experience possessed by the exercise of his role in the economic process.

And said: “The goal of the financial sector banks is the most effective continuity and the fact that banks continue to work in spite of all the circumstances.